Friday, March 24th, 2017

March 2016 – One of the major challenges for companies in the global marketplace is the management of billing and recognition of review. To address this challenge, Chargebee created an on-line billing system that is on a scaled cost basis, starting with a full feature free version for startups under $50,000. A number of the [...]

March 2014 – The international presence at GDC is getting larger and more prominent each year. There were ten national pavilions this year (in alphabetical order) : Belgian Trade Commission, Chile (ProChile), Canada (Nova Scotia Pavilion), German Pavilion, Korean Games Association, Nordic Pavilion, Peru (PromPeru), Poland (Polska Gaming), Scottish Development International and the UK Trade [...]

March 2014 – The Games Connections USA conference was held in San Francisco this year overlapping with the Game Developer Conference. The B2B event is designed to help independent developers connect with publishers and distribution channels, independent and large developers to connect with specialty service bureaus, and for international trade delegations to promote and gain [...]

 April 2012 – NAB conference, as the world’s largest media and entertainment event, it draws innovative startups from all corners of the globe. Although the international suppliers are on their way to increase their global visibility, there is a high risk involved and they need support from the pavillion organizers that see opportunities and are [...]