Friday, March 24th, 2017

July 2016 – In an interview with Jeffrey Ovadya, Dir of Sales and Marketing for Vicon Motion Systems, we got a chance to hear about their latest mocap camera and also Project Katana which was being demonstrated on the conference expo floor at SIGGRAPH 2016. Motion Capture, or MoCap has moved to the mainstream for [...]

At this year’s Black Hat I had the opportunity to sit with Raimund Genes, CTO of Trend Micro. Mr. Genes has been a driving force in Trend’s growth as an innovator in the Information Security Space for several decades. As CTO he is responsible for introducing new methods to detect and eradicate threats, and to [...]

 OWC is the abbreviation for Other World Computing, one of the longest running 3rd party computer component and storage solutions providers in the personal computer industry. The company started with individual users and small companies and now supports enterprise customers and cloud providers with their products. In a casual and comfortable one on one discussion, [...]

March 2016 – One of the major challenges for companies in the global marketplace is the management of billing and recognition of review. To address this challenge, Chargebee created an on-line billing system that is on a scaled cost basis, starting with a full feature free version for startups under $50,000. A number of the [...]

January 2016 – Prior to the start of the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, we had an opportunity to sit down with Jerome Perrod global President of Buffet Crampon and Francois Klok President of Buffet Crampon USA to talk about the directions of the industry as their company approaches its 200th anniversary. The company [...]

February 2016 – One of the keynote of the 2016 HardwareCon to be held in San Leandro, CA on March 4-5, is John “Jay” Rogers Jr, CEO and Founder of Local Motors. We had a chance to talk to Jay about his company and engineering issues with realizing his vision in the automotive world. Local [...]

The Women’s International Music Network was founded in 2012 and it came about in an organic fashion, stated Laura Whitmore, its founder. As a journalist, she interviewed many female musicians and she came across the same stories again and again. One story literally blew her mind. Whitmore heard from a 70-years old female performer. After [...]

June 2015 – Ori Inbar is the organizer of the Augmented World Expo and the Executive Director of After a slight delay from the scheduled time at the show while Ori was addressing physical realities of the dynamics of a several hundred attendee show logistics on opening day, we sat down for a short [...]

June 2015 – At E3 2015 we had a chance to sit down for a 1:1 with Loot Interactive co-founder David Sterling at their first “press and partner” evening event held at the show. In a very well attended event at a local Mexican restaurant we talked to David about the Indie game marketplace and [...]

April 2015 – While at NAB 2015, we had a chance to have a 1;1 talk with new Global President of Professional AV for Roland Corp Kim Nunney. Kim steps into this role from his recent position of North American President for Roland Corp. Kim and his team were credited with the turnaround on the [...]