Thursday, March 30th, 2017

July 2016 – In a briefing with Rob Hoffmann, Marketing Manager, Media & Entertainment Workstation Worldwide along with Scott Ruppert, Workstation Portfolio & Solution Planning, both with Lenovo, at SIGGRAPH 2016, we discussed the role of the workstations in the creative process. The Lenovo position is that the workstations are more than just a computer [...]

April 2016 – The scientific computing space and the content creation space relies heavily on engineering workstations. At the Nvidia GTC expo, Lenovo was showing their new series of compute and graphics centric workstations that connect to the central servers and the Nvidia appliances. The expo was showing the new line of portable workstations that [...]

August 2015 – During IDF, AMD was showing some of the systems with their new Carrizo class mobile, low power processor. The systems on display included laptops and all-in-ones from Lenovo and HP, that featured the new process built on the Excavator series processors, high density libraries and new architecture. The key in this new [...]

August 2015 – At SIGGRAPH 2015, the focus on mobile devices and computers were workstation class machines that are the core of the content creation industry. Unlike consumer applications where data can all be sent up to the cloud for processing and restarting a task due to a crash or bad data is just annoying, [...]

June 2015 – GetGeeked held their first San Francisco event this past June. The event featured both exhibition tables and presentations from the exhibiting companies on their technology. The event was very well attended with an entry line that stretched for close to a block to get into the event. The exhibitors were not organized [...]

May 2015 – Lenovo is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the acquisition of the IBM PC Business in 2005. During this time the company has changed from being a $3B China centric PC supplier ranked 9th in the world to become the world’s #1 PC maker, and #3 in smartphones, #3 in tablets, and #3 [...]

January 2014, starting off the new year with CES is always exciting. As a new conference attending editor for M&E Tech, it was a first time at the show. It was an interesting experience as a first timer at the show with several annual attendees, one of whom has been attending most years since the [...]

January 2013 – One of the first co-located press events each year at CES is Pepcom. This year’s event was once again, very well attended, organized and busy. Held a the MGM Grand, the company featured uniform table and booth sizes organized in what seemed like an open pattern. The reality was, several of the [...]

January 2013, At the Pepcom Digital Experience at CES 2013, the plethora of new Consumer Electronic (CE) devices will bring a new round of joys and headaches to the IT world, as these devices move and share operation between home and work. Looking from the IT perspective the two major common themes are (1) IPV6 [...]