Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

June 3, 2015, Society for Information Display Symposium, San Jose, CA—Yuki Maeda from Sony described the efforts in developing a high output light source for 4k projectors. The intent is to provide an alternative to flat panel displays for in-house use. The emerging 4K market can be handled reasonably well for smaller screens on flat-panel [...]

March 2015 – As mobile devices shift to becoming integral parts of the automotive experience, providing power to those devices is increasingly critical. This shift has even driven automotive designers to adjust the layout and features of the interior to accommodate these devices.  Typically there are two power levels that at needed – a 5v [...]

April 2014 – The new series of laptops and ultrabooks have the driving characteristic that they are light and thin. The problem is they still have a lot of accessories, cables and are generally carried in a bag. In most cases, while the computers have evolved to being faster, lighter and more powerful, the bags [...]

November 20, 2013, Printed Electronics Show, Santa Clara, CA—Karl Willis from Autodesk talked about creating new forms of displays and combining optics and electronics with 3-D printers. The goal is customized objects from fully printed devices. In collaboration with Disney, they developed new form factors for displays, sensors, and illumination. Light pipes inside a 3-D [...]

August 26, 2013, Hot Chips Conference, Stanford, CA-Peter De Dobbelaere from Luxtera talked about integrating photonics technology as a platform for optical I/O on silicon. The increase in data rates requires a conversion to optical media to meet the data speed and volume requirements. Silicon photonics is the use of modified silicon to perform optical [...]

August 6, 2013, Emerging Display Technologies Conference, San Jose, CA-Charles Annis from NPD DisplaySearch moderated a panel on materials and manufacturing. Panelists were Jeff Yurek from Nanosys, Margaret Hines from Nanoco Technologies, and Conor Madigan from Kateeva. Yurek noted that the NTSC broadcast color gamut is only 35 percent of possible colors in the human [...]

 January 24, 2012, SPIE, Electronic Imaging Conference, Burlingame, CA—William Freeman from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology talked about computational photography. Today’s digital cameras have only replaced the imaging system, using a semiconductor imager versus film. Most of the camera functions are still analog. In computational photography the user can modify any or all of the [...]

 November 3, 2011, International Gaming Innovation Conference, Orange, CA–Wolfgang Engel from Confetti Special Effects described the techniques for managing cinematic- quality images on mobile platforms. The biggest challenges for mobile platforms are the gamma corrections and high dynamic range rendering for high definition images. These capabilities are already available in consoles and PCs with advanced [...]