Thursday, March 30th, 2017

April 5, 2016, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Lutz Lotta from Lucas Film talked about the ILMX lab where work progresses in their VR developments. The creators of Oscar-wining media and technologies are finding that VR is very challenging. For most media, the key aspect is the story, which requires artists and technologists to work [...]

March 2016 – As a precursor to the first Silicon Valley Comic Con, Keith Arem held a screening of his first film “Phoenix Incident” which he wrote and directed. The “found footage” style science fiction thriller, focuses on a story that is based on the actual reported UFO sightings. The actual incident took place on [...]

March 2016 – At the kickoff of GDC 2016 in San Francisco, ARM was showing their latest capabilities in lighting from their Geomerics group. The company makes the Enlighten software product which has been updated to provide real time cross platform global illumination. The engine supports the following platforms – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC [...]

August 10, 2015, Siggraph, Los Angeles—A group from Walt Disney Animation Studios including Hank Driskill, Technical Supervisor, Larry Wu, Environment CG Supervisor, Adolph Lusinsky, Director of Cinematography, Lighting, and Sean D. Jenkins, Technical Supervisor for Disney’s Hyperion Renderer described their efforts in making the settings for “Big Hero 6″. Driskill opened with the important statement [...]

March 3, 2015, San Francisco—Geomerics, an ARM company, released the latest version of Enlighten and a companion tool called Forge. These software packages simulate dynamic lighting effects from global illumination for game developers, and the results approach cinematic quality for console, PC, and mobile devices. The tool has evolved over the past decade to include [...]

March 2015 – In an event the first night of GDC, ARM was showing off the release and integration of the Enlighten3 engine from Geomerics into the Unity and Unreal Engines for game development. Geomerics was acquired by ARM in 2013 and has been undergoing an “inside the tool” optimization for power and GPU/CPU use [...]

July 2014 – At the CosmoProf Expo in Las Vegas, the usual spa, specialty and retail cosmetics and makeup products had a niche that was now focusing on the upper end of the professional makeup space. This upper end is the professional makeup products for film, TV and stage use. These products have had to [...]

March 25, 2014, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Mike Romey from ZOIC Studios described their implementation of a virtual production pipeline. The ZEUS (Zoic environmental universal system) has many functions such as tracking monitors for the rigged cameras and other equipment, real-time render for actors on green screens, previsualization, markup, etc. for work on virtual [...]

March 2014- One of the biggest pains in the neck, is replacing the myriad of small bulbs spread around the car when they burnout. Lights for the shifter, in the glove box, vanity light in the visors / sunshades, door panel lights, turn and brake lights, license plate lights, overhead lights, the list just goes [...]

January 24, 2014, NAMM Hands-on-Training Zone, Anaheim—Dan Weingarten from CSU Northridge provided an introductory presentation to stage lighting. The course covered terminology and basic lighting concepts. One suggestion was to consider the total light concept and find similar images as a starting point. By using prior work, you can get the look of a more [...]