Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

October 2015 – Continuing their push into the combined CPU/GPU designs, AMD released the R Series SOC for embedded applications. The new chip, called the “merlin falcon”, is smaller than previous designs in this family by over 30%. The reduction in area and package size comes from the use of the Excavator architecture for the [...]

November 10, 2015, ARM Techcon, Santa Clara, CA—Charles Garcia-Tobin from ARM talked about thermal management and energy aware scheduling on Linux. The ability to change power based on workloads has been a part of ARM’s power allocation capabilities for some time. For many mobile devices, the workloads fall into three main categories, short bursts of [...]

June 2015 – Just before WWDC in San Francisco, Showstoppers held a press event to highlight some of the vendors and suppliers appearing at the conference. One of the announcements was from Parallels which was showing off their Desktop 10 product. The software is targeted at both developers and business professionals who have a requirement [...]

April 1, 2014, EE Live Conference, San Jose, CA—Kamal Khouri from AMD and Warren Kurisu from Mentor Graphics described their new partnership to supply Linux development tools for embedded systems for the various AMD processors. The intent of the partnership is to provide robust development tools, libraries, and workflows for more embedded processors. AMD decided [...]

January 29, 2013, SNIA Non-Volatile Memory Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Ric Wheeler from Red Hat described some of he challenges in incorporating new structures into an operating system. The latest changes in memory structures and NVM are used as examples. The first challenge for an OS developer is the diversity of existing systems. The time needed [...]

 April 2012, One of the most talked about announcements at the NAB 2012 show was the release of the Autodesk Smoke product on the Mac platform for $3495 for a perpetual license with an optional $525/yr for maintenance with updates, in addition to the traditional Unix/Linux version that is still available. The product is being [...]

 March 2012 – We recently had a chance to test the Akitio MyCloud Mini Personal Cloud Server. The product which supports DLNA, UpnP, eSATA, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, and USB 2.0 is designed to be a central connection and NAS controller for a home/small business media network. The compact device (~12cm X 12cm X 3cm ) has [...]