Sunday, March 26th, 2017

August 2016 – This year, the Flash Memory Summit featured an entire panel track that was focusing on Media and Entertainment. One of the panels discussed the growing use of flash memory for HDR, UHD and 4K content capture and editing. The panel was moderated by Lidia Paulinska, Editor in Chief of Bright Blue Innovation [...]

June 2016 – The 2016 BIO conference in San Francisco had an interesting keynote speaker pair – Forensic Pathologist Dr Bennet Omalu and Actor Will Smith who played Dr Omalu in the film Concussion. The title of the keynote was Knowledge Precipitates Evolution. For those unfamiliar with the movie and the story, it is about [...]

January 2016 – Long time enterprise supplier Promise Technology has introduced a storage solution for the consumer marketplace.  Leveraging their experience in the video storage array marketplace, they worked to create an easy to use secure media storage solution that does not store the data in cloud, but is accessible from remote location.   As cell [...]

October 2015 – Continuing their push into the combined CPU/GPU designs, AMD released the R Series SOC for embedded applications. The new chip, called the “merlin falcon”, is smaller than previous designs in this family by over 30%. The reduction in area and package size comes from the use of the Excavator architecture for the [...]

June 17, 2015, SMPTE Entertainment in the Internet Age,Stanford, CA—A panel pondered the issues of consumer ownership of content. Pat Griffis from Dolby moderated the panel comprised of Danny Kaye from 20th Century Fox, Albert Koval from Ultraviolet, Richard Rutledge from Western Digital, and Colin Dixon from nScreen Media. Ownership and instantiation of the content [...]

April 8, 2015, Data Storage Innovations Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Yasumori Hino from Panasonic and Jun Nakano from Sony talked about the next-generation optical disks. These near-term disks will have new technical specifications as the media and drives get released. The problems with most current data storage mechanisms include power, CO2 emissions, and frequent data migrations. [...]

April 8, 2015, Data Storage Innovation Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Doug Ferguson from Hitachi Data Systems talked about the prospects and requirements for long-term storage on optical media. In government work, the requirements are growing to keep more data for longer periods of time, necessitating more long-term storage capacity. Data preservation in the form of archives [...]

April 8, 2015, Data Storage Innovation Conference, Santa Clara, Ca—Osamu Shimizu from Fujifilm talked about the role of tape in archive functions. The increasing volumes of data call for a new definition of cold storage and a technology that can keep up with the volume increases. Per a UCSC study, 90 percent of all data [...]

October 10, 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—A panel looked at the ongoing transition from analog to digital and the infrastructure changes needed to move to a fully digital workflow. Marty Sacks from the Telos Alliance moderated the panel and the panelists were Rich Zweibel from dsc, Terry Holton from Yamaha, and Stephen Lederbergen [...]

September 9, 2014, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—The USB promoter group described their efforts on new specification implementations. Now a single cable can deliver high bandwidth and power through a single cable. A new unpolarized connector is smaller than the past type-A connectors and more robust than the mini-connectors currently in phones and mobile devices. [...]