Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

September 24, 2015, Churchill Club Awards, Redwood City, CA—The Churchill Club awarded Elizabeth Holmes as 2015 global benefactor for irrepressible vision and positive impact on society. In a fireside chat with Channing Robertson from Stanford she described her motivations and inspirations for her work. Robertson noted that she was a very assertive student, even as [...]

May 6, 2015, Neurogaming conference, San Francisco—Alvaro Fernandez from Sharpbrains moderated a panel on new technologies that are rapidly spreading into the commercial sectors. Panelists were Dan Chao from Halo Neuroscience, Santosh Mathan from Honeywell, Chris Berka from Advanced Brain Monitoring, and Evian Gordon from Brain Resource Company. The industry is growing at an accelerated [...]

The first SALMED fair was organized in the 1970s. Since that time, the Poznan International Fair Grounds have become the biannual platform for exchanging knowledge and experience of healthcare professionals. These knowledge workers include healthcare managers, medical facility management staff, doctors, laboratory diagnosticians, physiotherapists, and paramedics. This year the expo drew the attention of 6000 [...]

Our publication was invited to the SALMED, the International Fair of Medical Instruments and Equipment in Poznan, Poland, February 10-12, 2014. SALMED is a highly anticipated event in the medical industry in Poland and is perceived as a catalyst of positive changes in the medical arena. Salmed Conference 2014 Poland Marek Piotrowski, Head of Equipment [...]

February 13, 2014, Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium, UC-Berkeley, CA—Ana Arias presented work on flexible electronics that can change forms and shapes to provide different measurements for health, medicine, and imaging. These platforms will use other substrates than standard semiconductors, but may be hybrid integration of organic and silicon circuits. Flexible circuits usually are processed [...]

February 12, 2014, ISSCC, San Francisco—New materials and technologies are starting to move beyond the lab into new applications. The different semiconductor materials are being deposited on many types of substrates and the component libraries are now rich enough to make microprocessors and PROMs and well as display drivers and analog circuits. Kris Myny from [...]

September 2013. As new products enter the market for both home and clinic-based use for wellness care, they are all converging on the idea of simple operation. For hospital and traditional medical equipment lots of information accompanies the devices and there can be many steps taken for them to complete their tests and even function. [...]

July 11, 2013, Motion Tracking Developers’ Conference, San Francisco—Herbie Kim and Josh Rabinowitz from Articulate described their efforts in integrating sensors into remote patient monitoring and assistance packages. They consider a combination of sensors and stimulators can provide benefits that exceed the contributions of either separately. As the population ages, we are seeing two disparate [...]

October 16, 2012, CEA Industry Counsel, San Francisco—A panel reviewed the issues associated with health and fitness CE products. Rob McCray from Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance was the moderator. Panel members included Igor Gershfang from Walgreen, David Inns from Great Call, Clint McClellen from Qualcomm, and Brad Thomsen from Epstein, Becker & Green Law firm. This [...]

September 2011 – Menlo Park, CA – we recently had a chance to meet with and get an update from the Elo TouchSystems group of TE Connectivity. TE Connectivity is the new name and branding for industry veteran and multi-billion dollar giant Tyco Electronics. The Elo group, has been involved with the human interface touch [...]