Thursday, March 30th, 2017

March 19, 2015, Milpitas, CA— Tom Eby, Vice President of Micron’s Compute and Networking Business Unit introduced the newest addition to its Global Customer Labs. The lab in Milpitas is designed to support local users in applying various memory technologies. One driver is the growing amounts and types of memories in all areas. The amount [...]

February 18, 2013, ISSCC, San Francisco—Session 11 reviewed some of the emerging and wireless technologies. Contributors were MIT, Tohoku University and NEC in Japan, Fraunhofer from Germany, CSEM and Micro Crystal from Switzerland, VTT from Finland, ST Microelectronics from Italy, Aalto University form Finland, Keio University form Japan, KAIST and Samsung from Korea, and Masdar [...]

November 27, 2012, Server Design Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Partha Ranganathan from HP presented The trends and opportunities for this next-generation data center are becoming well defined. The performance will increase from 100 to 1,000 times today’s levels to meet the growing demands for computation. Power will become one of the factors in the new metrics, [...]

September 18, 2012, Memcon, Santa Clara, CA—A panel moderated by Jjim Handy from Objective Analysis considered the potential of next-generation memories and technologies. The panel consisted of Christophe Chevallier from Rambus, Jim Lipman from Sidense, Michael Miller from Mosys, and Bill Gervasi from Discobulus Designs. Handy opened the panel by noting that memories have hit [...]

September 18, 2012, Memcon, Santa Clara, CA—Martin Lund from Cadence presented some changes in memory structures and the drivers for change in memories. The memory industry, although mature by semiconductor standards, is still saying changes at very dramatic rates. Mobile devices are one of the big drivers for changes in memories. The cloud revolution is [...]

 November 3, 2011, International Games Innovation Conference, Orange, CA–Steven Woo from Rambus talked about the challenges for memory systems in future gaming platforms. Evolutions in hardware are driving the need for more performance in al of the subsystems. Dedicated game platforms like consoles and handhelds are moving towards more general purpose functionality like PCs and [...]