Thursday, March 30th, 2017

January 2016 – Rob Peglar of Micron spoke at the Storage Visions event in Las Vegas on directions in computer memory and how the future will address new approaches for both active memory and storage.  The shift is in part due to the ubiquity of mobile devices that have brought a realization to the thin [...]

November 10, 2015, ARM Techcon, Santa Clara, CA—Sean Newton from ST Microelectronics provided insights into the need for various types of security in designs. The basics of security have to be modified for microcontroller-class devices to be most effective with the limited resources available. The headline events about hacks and breaches into data and devices [...]

September 2015 – At the SNIA SDC, the emergence of persistent memory entered the technology space, not only as a new memory alternative, but also as a full track at the event due to the major differences in the architecture and use of the modules. Persistent memory falls into the new networking category of high [...]

September 22, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Jeff Chang from AgigA Tech and Arthur Sainio from Smart Modular presented a cookbook for NV DIMM use. The learning objectives are to understand what an NVDIMM is, how they can improve system performance, and how to integrate them into your system. The modifications to hardware, [...]

September 22, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Andy Rudoff from Intel and the SNIA NVM programming TWG spoke about the coming changes in non-volatile memory programming models. The emergence of a new class of non-volatile memory will blur the definitions of memory and storage and bring about many changes in computer architectures. The [...]

September 22, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Jim Handy from Objective Analysis talked about the future of solid state storage and the changing nature of both memory and storage. new technologies will enable architectures better suited for the data needs of he future. In the early days of computers, the industry established a [...]

March 2015 – In a briefing with the Samsung Semiconductor group, we received an update on its mobile memory and SSD products. Mueez Deen, Senior Director of Marketing for Mobile Memory was discussing the new capacities for LPDDR4 DRAM. The product is now available in 4GB in a single package which will enable new higher [...]

February 23, 2015, ISSCC, San Francisco—Sehat Sutardja from Marvell Semiconductor noted that SoC designs are getting too complicated due to the freezing of the underlying computer architectures. The future of design will have to change to allow for more innovation and flexibility for the end products. The costs of SoC mask sets are doubling with [...]

February 23, 2015, ISSCC, San Francisco—Kinam Kim from Samsung Electronics gave the first plenary talk relating developments in silicon technologies and the solutions they may provide for our data-driven lines. The developments include silicon, packaging, and small chip security for IoT. The number of connected devices already exceeds the number of people, and will continue [...]

December 17, 2014, IEDM, San Francisco—Max M. Shulaker from Stanford showed the integration of logic and memory in a 3-D IC using RRAM and carbon nano-tubes. The demonstration circuit is an FPGA routing element the combines the logic and memory functions. Monolithic 3-D integration, whereby each circuit layer is thin and is fabricated directly over [...]