Monday, April 21st, 2014

July 11, 2013, Motion Tracking Developers’ Conference, San Francisco—Jean-Christophe Eloy from Yole Development presented the trends in MEMS and their applications. The mobile space and many consumer devices are now including MEMS. The mobile space, while requiring a full set of sensors, is looking for greater differentiation in their products. This push is driving the [...]

January 2013 – At the CES tradeshow this year, CEATEC held a briefing to overview the expo that would be taking place in Japan and some of the themes and exhibitors that would be present. One of the key members of the Japan ecosystem that presented was Murata. The company, incorporated in 1950 after starting [...]

  Invensense MEMS enabled drill the Black & Decker Gyro   January 2013, The International CES event in Las Vegas in currently turning the innovative concepts to natural human interface, into being the default method. Leveraging from the mass world wide market acceptance of the Nintendo Wii for a “no instruction” UI and use model [...]

May 2012 – At the MEMS Technology Symposium, we had a chance to see the Movea Interactive TV remote motion controller core. The MEMS motion sensing core has shipped over 5M units to date and is supported by over 400 patents the last 5 years. The current application follows incorporation of the core in health [...]

 May 24, 2012, MEMS Business Forum, Santa Clara, CA—Kurt Petersen from KP_MEMS gave a historical perspective on MEMS. The ability to integrate complex functions into a chip has led to high volumes and lower costs. Starting in ’75, there were pressure sensors, strain gauges, and thermal print heads. Now, the range of applications using MEMS [...]

 May 24, 2012, MEMS Business Forum, Santan Clara, CA—Al Pisano from UC Berkeley describes research into Wireless MEMS for harsh environments for energy and power monitoring. These sensors are not something for a smart phone and they cannot use standard silicon. The economic impact of additional sensor capabilities is fairly high. Gas turbines are used [...]

 May 24, 2012, MEMS Business Forum, Santa Clara, CA—Frank Melzer from Bosch Sensortec talked about the growing movement of MEMS into consumer products. the abilities to increase levels of integration in silicon are resulting in smaller, lower cost, higher performance devices. MEMS started over 25 years ago with single-axis motion sensors. Now, markets in mobile [...]

March 29, 2012, Sensors in Design, San Jose, CA—Karen Lightman from the MEMS Industry Group described the organization’s functions and organization. MIG functions include standards development, reliability studies, and sharing of information among its 140 members. The semiconductor industry has had its leaders change many times over the decades. Now the top 30 suppliers are [...]

 March 27, 2012, Design Week Conference, San Jose, CA—A panel moderated by Alissa M. Fitzgerald of AM Fitzgerald looked at the possible futures for MEMS devices. The panel consisted of Rob O’Reilly for Analog Devices, Dave Rothenberg from Movea, and Stephen Whally from Intel. O”Reilly reviewed the current markets and noted that the industry really [...]

 February 21, 2012, ISSCC, San Francisco–No matter how much we move into digital signal processing, the world and physics are still analog. Four papers looked at capacitive sensor interfaces and the other four papers described advances in temperature sensors. Converting mechanical motion into an electrical signal is a key component in the increasing functionality in [...]