Sunday, March 26th, 2017

January 2016 – Rob Peglar of Micron spoke at the Storage Visions event in Las Vegas on directions in computer memory and how the future will address new approaches for both active memory and storage.  The shift is in part due to the ubiquity of mobile devices that have brought a realization to the thin [...]

March 19, 2015, Milpitas, CA— Tom Eby, Vice President of Micron’s Compute and Networking Business Unit introduced the newest addition to its Global Customer Labs. The lab in Milpitas is designed to support local users in applying various memory technologies. One driver is the growing amounts and types of memories in all areas. The amount [...]

August 2014 – At the Computer History Museum in Mt View, CA, Micron sponsored a celebration of the innovation and energy of Silicon Valley with a gallery showing and presentation of the images from Fearless Genius. The book chronicles the inner workings of some iconic businesses in the Silicon Valley between 1985 and 2000. These [...]

November 2013 – The high bandwidth memory technology recently introduced to the market by Micron – the Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) – has made its way into an early adopter system application – Supercomputers. In a joint announcement by Micron and Fujitsu, it was revealed that a new supercomputer prototype board design for next-generation systems [...]

September 2013, In a recent telephone briefing we discussed the Hybrid Memory Cube Consurtium (HMC) milestone by one of the founding partners, Micron, of releasing 2GB HMC samples to the engineering community. The full production oriented samples utilize TSV technology to realize the high bandwidth memory interface for high performance computing environments. The technology will [...]

August 14, 2013, Flash Memory Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Ed Dollar from Micron described the possible future of storage in the ’20 datacenter. The issues of big data and ongoing changes in hardware and software will cause the datacenter to look significantly different from what it looks like today. Data volumes and types have grown at [...]

July 18, 2013, Micron Technology released some details of their latest 16 nm flash chips. These 128Gb MLC NAND Flash memory devices are targeted at applications like consumer SSDs, removable storage (USB drives and Flash cards), tablets, ultrathin devices, mobile handsets and data center cloud storage. The new 128Gb NAND Flash memory provides the greatest [...]

February 5, 2013 – At the Linley Data Center Conference held in San Jose earlier this month, we had a chance to meeting the Ryan Baxter of Micron to discuss their new NVDIMM module that is targeted at enterprise servers. To bring higher reliability to the enterprise marketplace, the NVDIMM product looks like an RDIMM [...]

October 2012 – At the Linley networking and processor event, we had a chance to meet with Micron Technologies and discuss their high performance Networking DRAM solutions. These memories feature a reduced latency for fast random access, based on using a different internal design than from standard DRAM. The turnaround time on a data access [...]

September 18, 2012, Memcon, Santa Clara, CA—Scott Graham from Micron offered the hybrid memory cube architecture as a way to address the challenges and memory bottlenecks in high performance systems. The memories and their interfaces are inhibiting the ability for servers to improve throughput performance. Application server performance requires reducing latency for networks, while increasing [...]