Sunday, March 26th, 2017

 January 2015 – The processing power of tablets is rivaling laptops of the recent past. As a result, music creation and has shifted to these lighter devices. To go along with that, Keith McMillen has brought out a new portable keyboard the K-board. The unit is a self-contained USB powered Midi controller for tablets and [...]

October 9, 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—Winifred Phillips from Generations Productions talked about the nuts and bolts of interactive music in a session on game audio. The most important facet of game music is that it not like other music. In the game “Frogger” the music starts with a moderate tempo, and accelerates [...]

January 2014, at the NAMM 2014 show, the atmosphere was different from other conferences, it is a rare mix of business, products, art & innovation and a genuine positive energy for the merger of these which is music and the performance of music. Most shows are a diverse ecosystem with every niche having its own [...]

 January 2012, Anaheim, CA – President and CEO Kaz Tanaka of Roland Corp from Japan, kicked off their 40th anniversary product rollout at the Winter NAMM show. The company which has been dedicated to innovation since 1972, introduced the tag line a “Better Life with Music” at the event. The first announcement was that the [...]

 January 2012, Anaheim, CA – MadCatz the preeminent gaming accessory supplier was at NAMM with their relaunch of the RockBand3 platform. They have acquired rights and have taken over the role of publisher for the game from Harmonics to expand the peripherals and the music content for the latest generation of RockBand3. They are releasing [...]