Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

September 2012, In a briefing for VMWorld, Samsung’s Enterprise SSD group gave us an update and overview on their virtualization solution using their SSD products. As the number of users and processes increases due to the number of VMs per CPU, the queue depth for concurrent I/O requests per storage volume increases rapidly. The standard [...]

August 2012 – At Siggraph, Fusion I/O was showing their new PCIe interface card that uses MLC Flash to create a cache for graphics operating software (called the IOFX card). Available now in a 420GB or 512GB configuration (with retail pricing starting at $2495USD) the board is targeted at accelerating large data tasks with a [...]

 August 1, 2012 – We had the opportunity to talk to Fusion IO CEO David Flynn before the big Woz 62 birthday event in SF on August first. David introduced their new ION software stack for their SSD products that allow for a software configurable storage system. This software allows the enterprise management console to [...]

 March 2012 – We recently tested the SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD for the commerical marketplace. This drive has a SATA III (6Gbps) interface and features SanDisk’s 24nm Flash cells as the core memory. This is a desktop and oriented drive that come in an eco freindly minimalist package without the mounting bracket, SATA cable, or [...]

March 2012 – Samsung has recently introduced their new consumer oriented SATA III (6Gbps) SSD the 830Series. This is a desktop and oriented drive that come with the mounting bracket, SATA cable, power cable, and software. The current kit includes both the Samsung SSD software and a copy of Norton Ghost to aid with drive [...]

 March 2012 – We recently had a chance to test the Micron 200GB P400e Enterprise class SSD. This MLC drive is optimized and designed for the enterprise marketplace. The drive features a high performance read channel that is about double the throughput of the write channel. In most enterprise applications, the SSD is part of [...]