Sunday, March 26th, 2017

July 2016 – In an interview with Jeffrey Ovadya, Dir of Sales and Marketing for Vicon Motion Systems, we got a chance to hear about their latest mocap camera and also Project Katana which was being demonstrated on the conference expo floor at SIGGRAPH 2016. Motion Capture, or MoCap has moved to the mainstream for [...]

March 2013 – At GDC 2013, we met with Stefano Corazza CEO of Maxiamo ( ) which has brought a new dimension to character design and rigging to the game development community. Their cloud based service utilizes standard and custom 3D character generation complete with rigging for motion, going into the games and animation. Starting [...]

August 2012, The exhibit floor at Siggraph 2012 featured a number of difference motion capture (MoCap) options for creating CG and digital duplicate characters of live actors. These range from passive suits to active MEMS technology and a number of options in between. None of these technologies is a do-all end-all, rather, for full content [...]