Sunday, March 26th, 2017

April 5, 2016, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—William Chan from Carnegie Mellon University described a different way to extract textural content from speech. The conversational speech recorder and text translator may be more suitable for mobile devise as it requires a much smaller memory footprint. Conversational speech recorders attempt to automatically transform acoustic signals [...]

September 22, 2015, SNIA, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Jorge Campello from HGST described the latest technologies for magnetic data storage. Shingled magnetic recording (SMR) is the latest incarnation of hard disc drive. The new technology puts data into zones of overlapped tracks to increase track and data density. Zones are independent, but sectors within [...]

By Peter McGuinness, Imagination Technologies The concept of ray tracing has been bandied about for more than a generation – since 1968, it has been viewed as a promising technology, especially for visual arts disciplines, and in particular, the entertainment industry. Why? Because the ray tracing algorithm as developed into its recursive form can closely [...]

January 29, 2013, SNIA Non-Volatile Memory Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Andy Rudoff from Intel the special requirements for programming NVMs. The technologies are capable of much greater bandwidth, reduced latency, and are creating a new storage classification; persistent memory. This new set of functions is able to retain data through power cycles and other upset events [...]

 March 19, 2012, Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Manju Hegde from AMD described the need for a new hardware-software co-design paradigm in the latest microprocessors. This change is driven by the academic ecosystem that produces 600 thousand programmers a year to feed an industry that is growing from 25 to 30 million people. [...]