Thursday, March 30th, 2017

January 2014, at the NAMM 2014 show, the atmosphere was different from other conferences, it is a rare mix of business, products, art & innovation and a genuine positive energy for the merger of these which is music and the performance of music. Most shows are a diverse ecosystem with every niche having its own [...]

January 2014, At Winter NAMM in Anaheim, the MXL division of Marshall Electronics rolled out a line of 20th anniversary microphones and new products for the mobile marketplace. Working with their distribution partner, Muscian’s Friend, they introduced 3 new anniversary edition microphones. These models, to be sold exclusively through Muscian’s Friend, are identified by their [...]

January 2013 – At the NAMM show in Anaheim, Marshall Electronics launched a number of new devices for the creation, recording and distribution of audio and video content. Their new products at this show, which focus on the audio professional (as opposed to the CES audience of consumer mics and the NAB/AES audience of studio [...]

October 2012 – At the AES Convention in San Francisco we had a chance to swing by MXL and Sony microphones and AKG (part of the Harman group) headphones. MXL  Microphones – MXL had a number of their professional studo microphone, many of which were released earlier this year at NAB. The new microphone for [...]

September 2012 – With video conferencing and Voice based interfaces & VOIP communication, we continued our reviews of several easy to use USB microphones targeted at this market. The unit we just finished testing was from MXL and was the AC-404 which is a commercial level performance targeted product for the office environment. This table [...]

September 2012 – As a result of the rise of video conferencing and VOIP based communication, we decided to review several easy to use USB microphones targeted at this market. The reference unit we tested first was from MXL and was the AC-406. This table use microphone is actually a speaker phone that has a [...]

 January 2012. Anaheim, CA – a major component of the NAMM show was the expansion of home and personal studio recording and playback technology. The prevalence os distributed computing (in smart phones, tablets, laptops and embedded in devices) has now brought the location of these recording devices from the dedicated studio to the home, local [...]