Saturday, March 25th, 2017

March 2016 – One of the dominant topics at the RSA Conference in San Francisco for the Enterprise environment was authentication and signon for users with authorization. While there were a large number of companies addressing externally generated threats to the data centers and cloud services, a number of companies were focusing on challenges of [...]

September 2015 – The availability of ubiquitous computing with low cost data processing is the current driver for new storage technologies. Both on a direct attach basis or local SAN applications as well as cloud based storage solutions, the challenge to select and optimize the right technology is a growing problem. The upcoming SNIA Storage [...]

January 6, 2012 – The constantly evolving world of storage that is discussed at the annual Storage Visions event held adjacent to CES in Las Vegas, has completed its transition from being a hardware centric conference to focusing on applicability of the storage solutions. Historically, the challenges in storage have been capacity and reliability. It [...]

October 2012 – At the Renesas Devcon in Anaheim, CA this year, we had a briefing on the analog and power management products from Tad Keeley and Tsutomu Aoki. These discussions prefaced the many sessions on batteries and power management at the event. Based on the expertise in power devices including IGBTs, SiC and GaN [...]

 July 2012 – We had a chance to meet with the folks from Smart Storage and tour their domestic prototype and special products manufacturing facility in Newak, CA that they share with parent company Smart Modular. The enterprise storage supplier recently split from the parent company to a new facility due to their high growth [...]

 July 2012 – In a recent press tour we had a chance to meet with new Exar CEO Lou DiNardo at the company’s bay area headquarters. After time most recently at Xicor and Intersil, he is taking on the challenge of turning around the 40 year old semiconductor company. The company has over 4,000 parts [...]

 July 2012 – The Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium has made substantial progress in the past year since its launch. The advanced memory architecture solution has now completed and locked the 10 member companies of the core development team as of the end of May 2012. They have also finalized agreements with 35 adopter companies and [...]

 June 2012 – At the 2012 Creative Storage Conference, we had a chance to talk to Molly Rector of Spectra about their media oriented tape solution. They started in the Media and Entertainment sector in the 1990′s with Sony AIT tape. In 2003, they moved to LTO tape and are now supporting LTO5 storage with [...]

 June 2012 – In a discussion with SOITEC, they discussed thier new 28nm and smaller process offering on 300mm wafers. These larger wafers are in addition to their existing 200mm lines and large geometry processes that were migrated to 300mm in the past. The process offering is targeting designs using fully depleted devices and was [...]

 July 2012 – In a discussion with Dave Sackett of Maxim about their new family of PMOD plug in boards for speeding up FPGA design. Designed to accompany development boards from Avent, Xilinx, and Digilent, they have created a family of modules that are complete single functions of typical add ons to an FPGA core. [...]