Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

May 2016 – At the San Francisco SID Display Week event the business track highlighted the state of the industry and directions that are being followed. The highlight was the high growth being seen in the AMOLED marketplace. This is being driven by the high unit volumes of mobile devices. Correspondingly, the LCD marketplace was [...]

May 24,2016, Society for Information Display, San Francisco—Hiroyuki Oshima from Japan Display presented a wide-ranging talk on displays, focusing on the next generation of mobile devices. This display category is primed with opportunities, yet faced with many technical challenges to achieve those opportunities. Displays have evolved from the early CRTs to flat panels, first as [...]

June 2015 – At the SID Display Week show, Tianma NLT was showing a number of their high resolution and specialty OEM displays. The group both designs, develops and manufactures their own displays, but they provide access to this capability to their customers for consumer, medical, industrial and for touch screen applications. Their touch screens [...]

August 5, 2014, Emerging Display Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Paul Semenza from NPD DisplaySearch, Bob Senior from Canatu, and Sri Srinivas from Raydiance discussed the emerging flexible and curved displays. The drivers for non-planar displays are greater flexibility in design and the conflicting demands for smaller and lighter versus larger screens. Semenza opened with a [...]

November 20, 2013, Printed Electronics Show, Santa Clara, CA—Raghu Das from IDTechEx provided an overview of the printed electronics industry, covering both the technologies and business aspects. The ability to print circuits on almost any substrate is a disruptive force that encompasses organic and flexible technologies. The technologies can replace existing devices, but the high [...]

November 20, 2013, Printed Electronics Show, Santa Clara, CA—Mike Lu from Acuity presented commentary on OLED for lighting and the prospects for growth in this area. OLED lighting is poised for growth, since the devices allow more degrees of freedom in lighting fixture design. The technology world is making printed synonymous with organic, since the [...]

June 2013, Zeiss was showing their Cinemizer OLED 3D compatible multimedia video glasses at the E3 gaming show. The video glasses that use dual OLED displays in a light headset to create an equivalent view of a 40″ 16:9 aspect ratio display at a distance of 2 meters. The image from the OLED displays is [...]

 March 18, 2013, NPD Flat-Panel Display Conference, San Jose, CA—Paul Semenza from NPD DisplaySearch described how the supply chain is reacting to the rise of smart devices. The apparent conflict between big and cheap versus increasingly high-tech means that supply chain must evolve to meet both requirements. Smart devices are defined as connected, interactive, and [...]

 December 1,2011, Printed Electronics USA 2011, Santa Clara, CA—Mary Boone from Plextronics described a conductive ink to enhance hole injection in printed electronics. The main target is TV, but the challenges for OLED include blue emitter lifetimes, scaling the technology to larger areas, and most importantly, scaling up manufacturing to achieve economies of scale. Conductive [...]