Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

April 29, 2013, Open Source Business Conference, San Francisco—A panel moderated by Kara Sprague from McKinsey and Co looked at various issues around movement to the cloud, either public or private. Panel members included John Mathon from WSO2, Ram Peddibhotla from Intel, Jim Wasko from IBM, and Peter Yared from CBS Interactive. Where is the [...]

April 29, 2013, Open source Business Conference, San Francisco—Jim Whitehurst from Red Hat talked about open source going into the mainstream and losing its niche status. The trends and drivers in the industry are coming from a newfound respect for the values of open source software. The shifts start with technology and innovation. As a [...]

April 29, 2013, Open Source Business Conference, San Francisco—Martin Fink from HP discussed the need for open source in cloud computing, and the issues and challenges going forward. The community-driven cloud projects are providing more than just source code. Cloud projects have been in the works at HP since ’05, and are now mainstream within [...]

 May 22, 2012, Open Source Business Conference, San Francisco—Angel Luis Diaz from IBM coordinated a presentation with Mark Collier from Rackspace and Scott Handy from IBM on leveraging standards. The issues of open source software and open stacks of hardware are influencing many business decisions. Diaz opened with a review of technology adoption and referenced [...]

 May 21, 2012, Opem Source Business Conference, San Francisco—Elliot Garbus from Intel presented “Sparks of intelligence: where smart devices connect mobile users to open data centers”. He noted that systems need to change to adapt to the emergence of big data. One of the first drivers for today’s data explosion was a pack of gum. [...]

 May 22, 2012, Open Source Business Conference, San Francisco—Zorawar Singh from HP described the changes in his company brought about by the advent of open stack and how it affects their cloud businesses. The new ecosystem brings in both hardware and software to make managed cloud services possible. Open Stack has enabled them to scale [...]

 May 22, 2012, Open Source Business Conference, San Francisco—Colin Bodell from Amazon illustrated the value of finding solutions for internal problems and then sharing the solutions with others. First, an example of the fortuitous results of sharing solutions. About 900 years ago, governments formed in France, Germany, and Spain. The taxing authorities decided to place [...]

 May 21, 2012, Open Source Business Conference, San Francisco–Jim Whitehurst from Red Hat talked about IT everywhere, and how this ubiquitous compute environment will change everything. Open source software will be a key component of the emerging information revolution. To put the changes into context, we have to consider the parallels to the changes when [...]

 May 21, 2012, Open Source Business Conference, San Francisco—A panel moderated by Michael Skok from North Bridge Venture Partners looked at the issues affecting the future of open source. The panel considered innovation as a driver for the industry. Panel members included Tim Yeaton from Black Duck Software, Tom Erickson from Acquia, Ryan Gardner from [...]

 May 21, 2012, Open Source Business Confrence, San Francisco—Sandy Gupta from Microsoft talked about “Mixed IT and Openness in the Cloud”. Interoperability across platforms and operating systems is becoming a necessity in today’s compute environment. The cloud and open source are the intersection of business and technology. Cloud adoption is greatly exceeding all projections. New [...]