Friday, March 24th, 2017

August 2016- At Blackhat 2016, TrapX™, Executive Vice President Carl Wright moderated an expert panel entitled “Healthcare Under Siege” The panelists included the following members of both industry and regulatory agencies: Ronald Mehring, CISO, Texas Health Resources Jason Cook, CISO, BT Americas Ann Barron-DiCamillo, former director US CERT Titus Bickel, senior analyst healthcare Intel, DHS [...]

June 2016 – At the SMPTE ETCA event, a panel discussed the status of the linear programming and what it looks like now and in the future. Historically this has been the domain of the networks whose solution included full control of deciding which shows go on at what time. The single airing of the [...]

June 2016 – In San Diego, CA the Evonexus Digital Media SIG hosted a distinguished panel of experts comprising David J. Mowrey, VP of Product Management at Clearleap, Steve Adler, CTO of MyTVStudio and Jamie Howard former CEO of Imagine Communications, to discuss the current and emerging technical and business challenges of delivering high quality [...]

May 2016 – One of the big issues for the Smart Home was addressed at the Parks Associates Connections Conference. What does interoperability mean for the smart home, and how will it enter the market? The panel discussion consisted of software, cloud, hardware and device providers focusing on a number of issues. One of the [...]

June 2016 – What does Birdseye Frozen Foods, Five Hour Energy and Netflicks have in common? They are all examples of successful application of the concepts now described as part of the discipline of Category Design. This discipline was the topic of discussion during the June 21st Open Forum Event hosted by the Churchill Club [...]

May 2016 – The Santa Clara Marriott hosted this year’s annual Churchill Club 1o 10 trends dinner and discussion. Trends for this year’s event were wide ranging and once again included big data, robotics and healthcare. The discussion was moderated by : Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes Magazine Bruce Upbin, Managing Editor, also of Forbes. The [...]

April 2016 - At the end of the day, the market is more and more competitive and we need our customers not only survive but also thrive – stated Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications (IC), moderator of the power session “Transformation 2016: Media Technology Using IP, Cloud and Virtualization”. The session that took place at [...]

April 2016 - Two years ago when we started to talk about IP and a question was – Can we do it? A year ago we were asking – Should we do it? This year a question is – How we do it? Steve Reynolds from Imagine Communications was describing the inception of AIMS, Alliance for [...]

April 2016 – The Diamonds Unleashed program by Kara Ross held an event at The Battery in San Francisco celebrating women’s empowerment. The example at this event was the involvement by women pioneers in the rapidly emerging marketplace of Virtual Reality (VR). The event was presented in partnership with CanadaMark diamonds. The VR marketplace and [...]

March 2016 – At HardwareCon2016, they held a panel to discuss the Future of Hardware. The theme was to discuss the practicality of the hardware business and the ability to be differentiated in the market and operate profitably. The panel was pro-offshoring and subcontracting as a manufacturing methodology as opposed to using domestic resources, this [...]