Friday, March 24th, 2017

August 2016 – At this year’s IDF, Pericom was showing their long time series of re-timers, re-drivers, and packet switch products under their new parent company name of Diodes Inc. Pericom, which was established in 1990, was acquired by Diodes Inc in November 2015. A major announcement was the launch of the PCIe Gen 2 [...]

August 16, 2016, San Francisco—Al Yanes from the PCI-SIG provided an update on the organization its core standards. Although no new capabilities are ready for release, the underlying technologies and standards are showing robust growth. The organization continues to grow with over 730 member companies now involved. The primary focus is on creating specifications and [...]

August 2015- Whitewood Encryption Systems announced the release of its proprietary next generation entropy engine at Black Hat. The Whitewood Entropy Engine™ solves the problem of entropy generation. It provides random data in a convenient PCIe card form factor. At its core is a patent-pending quantum entropy source that exploits the immutable laws of quantum [...]

April 7, 2015, Data Storage Innovation Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Dennis Martin from Demartek described the evolving storage networks. As data volumes grow, the underlying servers and storage have to grow to accommodate the larger data flows. In general, servers are improving to address the needs for higher bandwidth and more virtualization. The larger number of [...]

November 2014 – At the Open Server Summit in Santa Clara Pericom was showing major portions of their full server design solution. As the number of cores, high speed interfaces, memory sockets, and board sizes get larger it is becoming more difficult to get the signals across to where they are needed. While semiconductor technology [...]

September 9, 2014, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Pericom announced a broad range of new products at the show. Following the lead of the standards organizations and OEM roadmaps, they are making products that will enhance mobility and interoperability. The emphasis is on low power operation and small packaging for all of the parts. The new [...]

September 11, 2014, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Michael Hall talked about PCIe-based SSDs for datacenters, and the opportunities for growth in this area. The need for higher performance in the datacenter is driving managers to look at other interfaces and storage media to replace rotating disks. PCIe and NVMe SSDs have lower latency and scalable [...]

August 5, 2014, Sunnyvale, CA—PMC released a new family of FlashTech NVRAM drives to create a new level of storage devices. The PCIe-based card uses DRAM with a super cap for supply backup as the main storage medium, and backs up the data on flash. This combination provides the speed and endurance of DRAM and [...]

September 16, 2013, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Ron Emerick from Oracle spoke on PCIe and its interface to storage architectures. The new devices and specifications have large potential implications on the storage industry and datacenter infrastructure. PCI Express is changing the capabilities of storage and is expected to become a greater consideration in new [...]

September 2013, Intel Developer forum, San Francisco—Ben Hacker detailed the changes in Thunderbolt interfaces to address the need for higher transfer speeds. The Thunderbolt 2 doubles the throughput of the original Thunderbolt. The base technology is designed to merge a number of traffic lines into a single cable that supports multiple protocols. It is designed [...]