Friday, March 24th, 2017

Pepcom event, June 2016 – There is nothing not to like about Pepcom’s press only events. They are always well organized and have so many innovative products to see. The event happened on the evening of Thursday, May 19th, at the Metreon in San Francisco and focused on mobile products. 21 companies showcased their automotive, [...]

February 2016 – We first looked at the BACtrack Mobile Pro in 2015 on both iOS and Android devices. Following CES 2016, we had a chance to take another look at the product and improvements made in the software and device. The base product itself is relatively unchanged. The unit provides police quality alcohol measurement, [...]

November 2015 – IntraXon of Canada has introduced a home relaxation training headband that connects to either an iOS or an Android smartphone that is called the Muse. The unit is light, easy to adjust and very easy to setup and use. The device is designed to be used about 3min a day to help [...]

November 2015 – As more devices move to a wireless interface, coverage of the signal and decent signal strength to these devices becomes an issue. To address the gaps and drop out spots TP-Link has introduced their new RE210 WiFi Range Extender that supports the new 802.11AC protocol at the speed of 750Mbps. The unit [...]

November 2015 – Kingston’s HyperX division has rolled out a new design for their professional gaming series headset the Cloud Freestyle series. The new MAV edition has as a graphic design that represents the “maverick” personality of serious gamers. The headphones feature high gloss shell design with the abstract design representing the gaming community. Kingston [...]

November 2015 – The latest version of the Beddit sleep monitor now has a Bluetooth LE interface so it can connect to your smart phone overnight without impacting the power use very much so the phone is still set to go in the morning. The primary interface is with the iPhone and they recently added [...]

November 2015 – New for the holiday season is the iFamCare Helmet cam is a web cam, night vision camera, motion and sound sensor, and pet play laser. The system uses a secure transfer system for the video feed and transfer to social media. The unit is designed to be controlled from a smart phone [...]

November 2015 – Moshi has been known for quality smart phone and mobile electronics for several years. This year they are leading off with new products for the iPhone6 and 6S. To address real world lifestyles, they have also created a shoulder bag that is designed to carry up to a 15” ultrabook/tablet, a DSLR [...]

November 2015 – The latest generation of expanded storage from SanDisk is in a new fashionable format with embedded WiFi connection and a USB connector. The latest Connect Wireless Stick is currently available in capacities from 16GB to 128GB. The latest design is usable with computers (laptop & desktop) through a USB connection, and with [...]

November 2015 – The lifestyle of most people is being organized around their smart phone and their wearables. BACtrack brings two products to the market with updates that include an interface to their wearables and watches. Their products the BACtrack Mobile and the BACtrack Vio – both named for the Blood Alcohol Content measurement they [...]