Saturday, March 25th, 2017

 May 24, 2012, MEMS Business Forum, Santa Clara, CA—Marc Madou from UC, Irvine described his research in nano-materials. The range of applications for his processes spans batteries, battery sensors, and nano-wire sensors. Making a sensor from carbon nano-materials eliminates the machining needed for most MEMS. This enables the development of complex structures that are not [...]

 October 27, 2011, International Solar Energy Technology Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Bozena Kaminska from IDme and Simon Fraser University proposed nano-particles in polymers to address cost and form factor issue in cells. Printed electronics on polymers offer the potential for practical cells and batteries. One of the challenges in solar applications is that wafer-based silicon has [...]

 May 17, 2011, Society for Information Display, Los Angeles—Yashiro Koike, professor at Keio University in Japan espoused on the possibilities for overwhelmingly realistic face-to-face communications based on polymer technologies. The need for greater bandwidth requires ongoing research into polymers. Currently, computer users interact with their machines through displays and keyboards. The technology is available to [...]