Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

February 2016 – We first looked at the BACtrack Mobile Pro in 2015 on both iOS and Android devices. Following CES 2016, we had a chance to take another look at the product and improvements made in the software and device. The base product itself is relatively unchanged. The unit provides police quality alcohol measurement, [...]

January 2016 – This year, the RSA Conference San Francisco returns to its traditional time slot of February. This year’s event has been updated to reflect not only the issues of the current business environment, but to make the take-away from the event more actionable on a short term basis. In the past, while the [...]

June 2, 2015, Society for Information Display Symposium, San Jose, CA—Robert Li Kam Wa from Rice University talked about rethinking the imaging pipeline for energy-efficient, privacy-preserving continuous mobile vision. The always-on world has been adding more and higher resolution imaging capabilities, so the industry has to consider how to protect the information. The primary changes [...]

April 20, 2015, International Association of Privacy Professionals, San Francisco—Jeff Northrop talked about the growing importance of privacy within the framework of today’s culture of openness. The changing requirements have created a need for better design oversight on privacy issues before release of the latest app. Privacy issues are growing with many responses. The EU [...]

April 20, 2015, International Association of Privacy Professionals, San Francisco—Sagi Leizerov from Ernst & Young provided an overview of the problems in balancing privacy and security. Although the two are distinct, they are very closely related. The changing nature of digital communications is calling for more developers to build, control, and manage privacy programs. Most [...]

January 30, 2014, Churchill Club, San Francisco—Fatemeh Khatibloo from Forrester Research moderated a panel that considered the issues facing data privacy. Panelists included Jeffery Rabkin from the office of the attorney general, California Department of Justice, Jeb Miller from Jafco Ventures, Barbara Lawler from Intuit, Michelle Dennedy from McAfee, and Chris Babel from Truste. Khatibloo [...]

June 5, 2013, Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA—A panel of eyewear vendors addressed some of the important topics of wearable displays. Pete Wassell from Augmate moderated the panel. Panel members were Meron Gribetz from Meta, Judith Baumgarten from Fraunhofer, Anna Jen from Epson, Kayvan Mirza from Optinvent, Steve Mann from Toronto University, John Murray [...]

February 26, 2013, RSA Conference, San Francisco—James Lewis held a fireside talk with Michael Chertoff, chairman of the Chertoff Group and former head of the Department of Homeland Security, and Michael Daniels Cyber-security coordinator of the White House. The conversations focused on the recent executive orders and security initiatives. Lewis opened that this has been [...]