Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

March 2017 – For the 2017 HardwareCon event, once again being held at the San Leandro CA Zero Net Energy Center, is being presented in the new combined theme of their recent merger with Hardware Massive. The event continues to provide the maker community the next step in the path to a company after they [...]

July 2016 – The theme on the 2016 SiGGRAPH was Render the Possibilities. The render engines, once reserved for VFX in movie production, are now part of the ubiquitous computing capability in the cloud. The results of these render engines were on display in full force at SIGGRAPH, in the form of analysis from HPC, [...]

March 2015 – At the Wearables Techcon in Santa Clara they held tracks and sessions on the realities of the wearables business. These include presentations from the UL on consumer regulations for wearables, and sessions on the guidelines for medical/fitness & health wearables that identify when the FDA needs to be involved. Other sessions addressed [...]

March 2015 – In the weekend event that was the first annual HardwareCon3, the main session was equally attended at the topic specific breakout sessions. Arranged from introduction to advanced on topics and depth, the 3-4 concurrent breakout sessions were both diverse and well attended. Some of the breakout highlights and topics follow: One of [...]

March 25, 2014, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Mike Romey from ZOIC Studios described their implementation of a virtual production pipeline. The ZEUS (Zoic environmental universal system) has many functions such as tracking monitors for the rigged cameras and other equipment, real-time render for actors on green screens, previsualization, markup, etc. for work on virtual [...]

September 18, 2013, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Peter Murray from SwiftTest suggested that IOPs is not a good metric for characterizing and testing storage performance. The problem is that this measurement doesn’t acknowledge the contributions of the other systems components to storage performance. Storage performance validation has evolved from blind reliance on vendor claims, [...]

September 18, 2013, Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Julia Palmer and Justin Richardson from Go Daddy described their efforts at incorporating best practices in storage infrastructure implementation and validation. They have moved from ad hoc and incremental changes to full validation practices. The drivers in the storage spaces are bigger, better, and faster, all at [...]

September 2013, In a recent telephone briefing we discussed the Hybrid Memory Cube Consurtium (HMC) milestone by one of the founding partners, Micron, of releasing 2GB HMC samples to the engineering community. The full production oriented samples utilize TSV technology to realize the high bandwidth memory interface for high performance computing environments. The technology will [...]

 August 1, 2013, Independent Game Developers Association Summit, San Francisco-Thomas Bartschi from IO Interactive described learnings, both positive and negative, of the audio design for the Hitman: Absolution game. The insights and explanations for their choices and the closed-loop changes in critical game design that affected audio and the game. The audio production had many [...]

July 24, 2013, Siggraph, Anaheim, CA—John Peddie from JP Research provided a market overview and held a panel discussion on the democratization of CG tools. One difficulty for the industry is that the Siggraph conference is declining over the past decade, for both exhibitors and attendees. At the same time, the value of CG apps [...]