Thursday, March 30th, 2017

August 18, 2015 at the Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—The Pericom Semiconductor Corporation announced new families of high-speed support products for use in diverse applications including notebook, smart phone, tablet and servers. The new products address the needs for switching, connectivity, signal-integrity and timing functions for the highly complex multi-protocol interfaces. The signal integrity solutions [...]

February 2015 – The first annual HardwareCon3 had a variety of speakers and sponsors showing their products and expertise at the event. The lobby had exhibitor tables setup for companies supporting the prototype and production communities and then there were break out rooms with individual experts, and the main hall with panels & keynotes. The [...]

May 8, 2014, Neurogaming Conference, San Francisco—Chris Berka from Advanced Brain Monitoring talked about the changing requirements for sensors and their integration into fully functional diagnostic and brain interfaces. The need for platform-independent hardware and software is growing as more detailed analyses and studies emerge. Now, human subject studies need to go to multi-phase tests [...]

April 6, 2014, NAB, Las Vegas—Various managers from Autodesk talked about their products and visions for the future. The company is in the process of changing their business practices in the midst of fairly large technological turmoil. Chris Bradshaw described the context for some trends in their business. Some of the animation tools like Maya [...]

March 26, 2014, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—David Hilton from MotorCity Engineering showed how brand and style affect design in an automotive environment. Although the reference point is automobiles, the concepts are applicable to other areas. A car designer has to combine materials, engineering, and appropriate art to design a car. The design results [...]

September 12, 2013, Intel Developer forum, San Francisco—Jeff Ravencraft from the USB Implementers Forum noted a number of organizational achievements and updates on specifications. The product association is getting good growth and support in the electronics industries. The association noted over a thousand certified products for SuperSpeed USB in the market, up from 500 last [...]

August 26, 2013, Hot Chips Conference, Stanford, CA-Michael Brody from Winston and Strawn discussed the use and abuse of patents in the semiconductor industry. Silicon Valley and patents have been closely linked from the first semiconductor company. After a review of patent law and the rationale for getting patents, Brody noted that the semiconductor industry [...]

April 8, 2013, National Association of Broadcasters, Las Vegas—We talked with AJA about their latest product releases. After 20 years in the business, the company is still cranking out new products. They have a number of converters on hand including the Hi5-4K, a quad 3G SDI to 4k HDMI, and the ROI, a DVI and [...]

March 25, 2013, Game Developers Conference, San Francisco—We talked with Imagination Technologies about their latest releases. The hardware and software company is working on more features and capabilities in all their products. First, they announced the release of the latest version PowerVR Graphics SDK (software development kit) v3.1. The SDK includes tutorials, source code, extensive [...]

March 23, 2013, Game Developers Conference, San Francisco—We talked with Terry Brown from HP and Jon Guess from ALT Systems about their new workstation-software bundles. These integrated systems are directed for game developers who need a pre-configured system with the latest software tools. HP has been in the workstation business for a while and has [...]