Thursday, March 30th, 2017

February 2016 – Rivet Networks, the new owners of the Killer Wireless technology, was talking about their new networking product.  The Killer Wireless technology has been updated to support the 802.11ac (killer wireless-ac 1535) standard and the same packet management technology has been integrated into their Killer Ethernet (E2400) product.  The combination networking chip, supporting [...]

July 2015 – At the Accenture offices in San Jose, the Churchill club held a discussion on the direction and status of the Connected home. The discussion was moderated by Accenture and featured speakers from Forrester Research, Intel, Qualcomm and Nest Home Kit. The discussion focused on the realities of the connected home, as state [...]

June 2015 – At Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2015 held in Santa Clara the focus this year was on realization and monetization of the long anticipated technology. One of the more crowded sessions on the first day was on the developer side. Unity was presenting on their Unity 3D for VR flow that uses the [...]

September 18, 2014, Uplinq 2014, San Francisco, CA – At the session “Shared Responsibility in the Mobile Security Ecosystem”, five industry experts including Paul Kocher, Chief Scientist of Cryptography Research Division of Rambus; Coby Sella, CEO of Discretix; Rajiv Dholakia, VP Product Management of Nok Nok Lab; Dror Nadler, SVP, Sales and Strategic Alliances of [...]

September 2014 – At the Uplinq conference for QUALCOMM held in San Francisco, Akamai gave a talk about directions in digital media distribution and consumption for mobile devices. The talk was given by William Law their chief architect. Currently over 60% of all content traveling on the Internet is related to some sort of media [...]

September 2014 – at the uplink conference in San Francisco, QUALCOMM held a session about the best place for software and applications to reside in a network system. The options are in the cloud, in the end device such as a phone or tablet or laptop, or in the Gateway device inside the building that [...]

March 2014 – At Game Developers Conference in SF this year, there were many developments in the graphics community. New additions include ray tracing, hybrid rendering, integrated lighting, 4K display, and DX11 support in the new Baytrail processors for Intel. Imagination Technology was showing their Wizard (formally known as Rogue) GPU which is their ray [...]

October 2013 – This year Samsung’s Memory Solution Forum focused on the global issues of the enterprise and data center rather than the component features. This event, which was formally the CIO Forum, is in it third year, and is a mixed presentation and open discussion / Q&A event for technologist and executives to discuss, [...]

October 5, 2013 – At the Screen in the Home conference held by the Santa Clara Valley IEEE Communication Society and Consumer Electronics Society, they had a keynote presentation by Qualcomm Atheros VP of Technology Bill McFarland on streaming technology in the home, This presentation was focused on wireless solutions and powerline solutions for bringing [...]

June 2013 – This year’s E3 conference had a strong showing of audio accessories – headsets – and new accompanying technology to supplement the games. As the games have moved up in visual quality and resolution, the audio is now catching up. The new platforms including the consoles, new integrated graphics PCs, and multi-core mobile [...]