Friday, March 24th, 2017

At this year’s Black Hat I had the opportunity to sit with Raimund Genes, CTO of Trend Micro. Mr. Genes has been a driving force in Trend’s growth as an innovator in the Information Security Space for several decades. As CTO he is responsible for introducing new methods to detect and eradicate threats, and to [...]

March 2016 – At the RSAC in San Francisco, we spoke to Trend Micro about the changing landscape of the security marketplace and the times of threats and threat sources that are present. As an overriding observation, the environment for security has changed – it is no longer trying to be disruptive on just a [...]

April 2015 – At RSA 2015 we had a chance to sitdown with Trend Micro to discuss the threat trends for 2015. The challenge for IT is protecting systems and users that are using thin client end points with the main data and applications in the cloud. The issues remain for both public and private [...]

April 21, 2015, RSA Conference, San Francisco—The Paul Kocher from Cryptography Research moderated the annual cryptographers’ panel. Panelists included Whitfield Diffie from Cryptomatic, Ron Rivest from MIT, Adi Shamir from the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel, and Ed Georgio from Ponte Technologies. Interests over the last year? Rivest is searching for metaphors to provide [...]