Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

August 16, 2016, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—A group of experts talked about the changes in capabilities and characteristics that computer systems will need as consumer devices increasingly move to voice-activated interfaces. Users expect greater personal mobility when not tethered to their devices even if the user interface devices are wireless. Most audio interfaces to [...]

May 28, 2014, Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA—A set of speakers discussed content creation for AR. Among the challenges are lack of standard platforms and encoding formats. Menno Ouweneel from Connectar described their offerings of content libraries and their business model. They charge a small fee for library access, and a fee for each [...]

 August 23, 2010 — Hot Chips conference, Stanford California, the first keynote address at the conference was from David Petrou from Google. His talk entitled “search originating inside and outside your head” described their efforts at developing Google Goggles, an application for mobile visual search. Goggles is attempting to develop the capability of searching by [...]