Friday, March 24th, 2017

July 2016:   We are now well into the first cycle of storytelling using virtual realityand the creative community is keen to feed back their experiences, good and bad, to the people who build the new tools of their trade.  This was a theme at SIGGRAPH 2016. We have had two great examples of VR [...]

April 5, 2016, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Lutz Lotta from Lucas Film talked about the ILMX lab where work progresses in their VR developments. The creators of Oscar-wining media and technologies are finding that VR is very challenging. For most media, the key aspect is the story, which requires artists and technologists to work [...]

August 19, 2015, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Jason Ross described the design, architecture, and processing changes that enabled improved performance at lower power for the graphics engines in the latest Intel core processors. The changes reflect the changing environments for the commercial-grade parts. In the past, PCs and their graphics engines had the luxury of [...]

March 17, 2015, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Barry Daniels from exponential-e described a GPU-powered VDI with GPU rendering. This Ethernet-based cloud network for enterprise delivers high bandwidth through smart links. The company is a spin-out from British Telecom and offers network, cloud, and unified communications services. They are working to address the unique challenges [...]

October 10. 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—A panel of experts from standards organizations and industry considered the issues of matching audio with the emerging 4k and 8k displays. Fred Willard from Univision moderated the panel, and panelists were Skip Pizzi from NAB, Robert Blerdt from Fraunhofer, Jeff Riedmiller from Dolby, Tim Carrol from [...]

July 22, 2014, Casual Connect Conference, San Francisco—James Zhang from Concept Art House presented his views on art quality in smaller-scale games. The artwork can affect user engagement and retention, drive the design and monetization of the game, and provide a basis for branding and appeal. Starting out with ads for the game, the quality [...]

June 18, 2014, SMPTE Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age Conference, Stanford, CA—The ability to deliver full 3-D audio greatly enhances the AV experience. Sunil Bharitkar from Dolby moderated this panel. Panelists were Sripal Mehta from Dolby, Roger Charlesworth from Charlesworth Media, and Philip Hilmes from Lab 126 and Amazon. Mehta opened with a short [...]

By Peter McGuinness, Imagination Technologies The concept of ray tracing has been bandied about for more than a generation – since 1968, it has been viewed as a promising technology, especially for visual arts disciplines, and in particular, the entertainment industry. Why? Because the ray tracing algorithm as developed into its recursive form can closely [...]

March 26, 2014, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Douglas Lanmar and David Luebke from NVIDIA described their efforts in developing head-mounted displays that are more in line with size and weight as sunglasses. Ivan Sutherland’s work back in 1968 resulted in head-mounted displays that were reasonably thin and aligned with the visual axis. Although of [...]

March 26, 2014, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Olivier Maury from Industrial Light and Magic described the use and modifications of their tools for generating pyrotechnics. Plume is a GPU-based tool that provides integrated fluid simulation and rendering. The tool transforms 6-7 k Plume effects for smoke, fire, dust, and other physical explosion effects. The [...]