Thursday, March 30th, 2017

October 25, 2013, Robo Business, Santa Clara, CA—Yoky Matsuoka from Nest talked about the evolution of technologies that lead to greater automation. The thermostat is one example of this trend of humans, devices, and how they work together. The differences between robots and thermostats are not that great. As more technology gets integrated into the [...]

October 25, 2013, Robo Business, Santa Clara, CA—Michael Bruenig from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia presented their findings on vision and mapping. The main idea is to free the robots from their tethers. The current big driver for autonomy is in mining. The shippers want to have robot workers doing the [...]

October 25, 2013, Robo Business, Santa Clara, CA—Garry Mathiason from Littler Mendelson addressed some of the issues associated with the glacial changes in laws and the ongoing robotics revolution. Companies need to address the hidden compliance requirements and legal changes for a robotized workplace. The future is arriving fairly quickly. By 2025, half of the [...]

October 24, 2013, Robo Business, Santa Clara, CA—Dan Kara from Myria RAS looked at the various components that comprise a robotics system to develop a sense of the industry growth. The high fragmentation and emerging technologies adversely affects the reporting functions. Now, robotics seem to have a wide range of capabilities from specialized and dedicated [...]

October 24, 2013, Robo Business, Santa Clara, CA—Henrik Christensen from Georgia Tech highlighted the issues included in the 2013 US National Robotics Roadmap. The roadmap identifies the business drivers and technology applications and barriers to greater adoption. The opportunities for growth in robotics comes from the co-functions possible. Co-workers, co-infrastructure, and co-protectors are all possible. [...]