Friday, March 24th, 2017

March 2016 – The ongoing success of the private sector relies in large measure on its ability to commercialize innovative research and intellectual property, business transactions, and financial data. Failing to secure this vital digital information, and the systems that hold it, inevitably leads to lost market share, fewer customers and corporate breakdown for the [...]

March 2016 – In the structuring of a security solution for an enterprise, reporting and documentation hold important roles as support for technology solutions. The reporting and operating procedures help designate the liability and cost of remediation in the event of a security incident. Prior to placing systems online, senior management should review privacy and [...]

March 2016 – A topic of discussion at the San Francisco RSA Conference this year was the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and issues related to it with the integration of security. Attackers leverage weaknesses in all platforms to pivot across the enterprise. System administrators and managers need solutions that allow them to monitor applications [...]

March 2016 – At the RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco, Deep Instinct was showing their new cybersecurity system that is built around an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine. The AI system in place is a deep learning neural network methodology that self learns about malware and threats in an enterprise. The product was developed [...]

Inviting people into your business is a well known process. In big businesses with big offices they’ll have a visitor management system at the front door. You get a nametag when you walk in. Folks who are there more frequently may have badges or keys. In today’s connected world it’s not only people in your [...]

January 2016 – This year, the RSA Conference San Francisco returns to its traditional time slot of February. This year’s event has been updated to reflect not only the issues of the current business environment, but to make the take-away from the event more actionable on a short term basis. In the past, while the [...]

April 2015 – The annual Verizon briefing to overview their Data Breach Incident Report (DBIR) [ ]took place at the RSA conference in San Francisco. The report once again showed a rise in both the number of data breaches reported, and a cost per incident for remediation. The Panel this year was introduced by Janet [...]

April 21, 2015, RSA Conference, San Francisco—Jeh Johnson from the US Department of Homeland Security gave an update on the government’s efforts in cyber security. The growing number of breaches and increasing links to state-directed activities calls for new efforts at the national level. Our current society is becoming more bipolar as the younger people [...]

April 21, 2015, RSA Conference, San Francisco—The Paul Kocher from Cryptography Research moderated the annual cryptographers’ panel. Panelists included Whitfield Diffie from Cryptomatic, Ron Rivest from MIT, Adi Shamir from the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel, and Ed Georgio from Ponte Technologies. Interests over the last year? Rivest is searching for metaphors to provide [...]

April 21, 2015, RSA Conference, San Francisco—Chris Young from Intel talked about changing the game. Admittedly, change is hard and it is easier to maintain the status quo, but the current trust crisis precludes inaction. Malware is getting headlines and also the attention of the C-level executives all the way up to the President. In [...]