Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

April 5, 2016, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—David Luan from Dextro talked about developments to enable human users to address the issues of search, classification, and analysis of video. The main problem is that current classification techniques try to use keywords, metadata, and iconic images from static images for video. The biggest problem with [...]

February 7, 2013, Electronic Imaging Conference, Burlingame, CA—Marti Hearst from UC Berkeley described the requirements for future search user interfaces for multimedia. The growing volume of non-text entries on the Web demands a different search UI. Many of the search principles for non-text search are highlighted in the website, which identifies the issues associated [...]

February 17, 2011, University of California, Berkeley–The Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium (BEARS) offered a quick look into the leading edge of research at Berkeley. The four presentations (Powerpoint or PDF available on-line) looked at data creation and use across a number of areas. This event was just after IBM’s Watson computer thumped its human [...]

 August 23, 2010 — Hot Chips conference, Stanford California, the first keynote address at the conference was from David Petrou from Google. His talk entitled “search originating inside and outside your head” described their efforts at developing Google Goggles, an application for mobile visual search. Goggles is attempting to develop the capability of searching by [...]