Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

May 21, 2015, Imagination Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Sir Hossein Yassale from Imagination talked about changes in the industry and markets, driven by trends in computer vision, security, virtual and augmented realities, connectivity, and application portability. Mostly functions interact with people leading to changes in existing markets while increasing and changing them. Some of the emerging [...]

May 21, 2015, Imagination Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Omid Tahemia from Ikanos Communications talked about the challenges related to in-home connectivity. The growing complexity in apps and technology is causing the platforms to stutter. The diversity of apps makes the installation and integration of new devices and their controlling apps somewhat less than simple plug and [...]

April 21, 2015, RSA Conference, San Francisco—Jeh Johnson from the US Department of Homeland Security gave an update on the government’s efforts in cyber security. The growing number of breaches and increasing links to state-directed activities calls for new efforts at the national level. Our current society is becoming more bipolar as the younger people [...]

April 21, 2015, RSA Conference, San Francisco—The Paul Kocher from Cryptography Research moderated the annual cryptographers’ panel. Panelists included Whitfield Diffie from Cryptomatic, Ron Rivest from MIT, Adi Shamir from the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel, and Ed Georgio from Ponte Technologies. Interests over the last year? Rivest is searching for metaphors to provide [...]

April 20, 2015, International Association of Privacy Professionals, San Francisco—Jeff Northrop talked about the growing importance of privacy within the framework of today’s culture of openness. The changing requirements have created a need for better design oversight on privacy issues before release of the latest app. Privacy issues are growing with many responses. The EU [...]

April 20, 2015, International Association of Privacy Professionals, San Francisco—Sagi Leizerov from Ernst & Young provided an overview of the problems in balancing privacy and security. Although the two are distinct, they are very closely related. The changing nature of digital communications is calling for more developers to build, control, and manage privacy programs. Most [...]

April 20, 2015, Trusted Compute Group, San Francisco—A panel moderated by Rich Nass of Open Systems Media and comprised of panelists Stacey Cannady from Cisco, Chuck Benson from the University of Washington, and Darin Anderson from Cyber United looked at security in the Internet of things (IoT). The fundamental issue is that the billions of [...]

April 20, 2015, Trusted Compute Group, San Francisco—Paul Roberts from the Security Ledger talked with Amy Nelson from Dell and David Bossio from Microsoft about implementing the trusted processor modules (TPM) into products. Although the technology has been around for a while, the implementations and adoptions are still nascent. Use at Dell and programming different [...]

April 20 , 2015, Cloud Security Alliance, San Francisco—Mark Goodman, an author, described the ongoing and increasing challenges for security and our other infrastructure. Many threats are already here and the potential for serious damage is increasing. Goodman started out as a police officer and noted many trends of crime over time. Criminals were early [...]

March 17, 2015, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Barry Daniels from exponential-e described a GPU-powered VDI with GPU rendering. This Ethernet-based cloud network for enterprise delivers high bandwidth through smart links. The company is a spin-out from British Telecom and offers network, cloud, and unified communications services. They are working to address the unique challenges [...]