Thursday, March 30th, 2017

May 2016 – One of the big issues for the Smart Home was addressed at the Parks Associates Connections Conference. What does interoperability mean for the smart home, and how will it enter the market? The panel discussion consisted of software, cloud, hardware and device providers focusing on a number of issues. One of the [...]

March 2016 – Web, app and live customer service provider recently concluded a survey of over 3000 consumers to get their opinions on the Smart Home marketplace. The survey covered both owners and potential buyers of Smart Home devices and their experiences with them. The key issues were around the areas of complexity, cost, [...]

July 2015 – At the Accenture offices in San Jose, the Churchill club held a discussion on the direction and status of the Connected home. The discussion was moderated by Accenture and featured speakers from Forrester Research, Intel, Qualcomm and Nest Home Kit. The discussion focused on the realities of the connected home, as state [...]

October 24, 2012, Renesas Devcon, Anaheim, CA—We talked with Nelson Quintana from the building automation group about smart homes. The drivers for this area are energy management, connectivity, changes in user interfaces, and networks of sensors. One area that people are starting to look at for smart home is safety and security. Safety must accommodate [...]