Saturday, March 25th, 2017

February 18, 2013, ISSCC, San Francisco—Yoshiyuki Miyabe from Panasonic suggested some smart life solutions from home to city in his plenary talk. He noted the directions of all electronics is moving towards more consumer-based functions, and the challenges for the industry to get to 2030. Energy is becoming an important limiter for growth in many [...]

October 23, 2012, Renesas Devcon, Anaheim, CA—we talked with Tad Keeley and Tsutomu Aoki about the various products and functions in analog and power. The smart society will require lots of power controls to manage the energy efficiently. The analog and power devices for smart infrastructure is expected to exceed $10 billion in 2015. All [...]

October 15, 2012, CEA Industry Forum, San Francisco—Colin Dixon from the Diffusion Group moderated a panel on home networks. Panel members were Brett Wingo from Cisco, Kurt Hoppe form LG Electronics, Kevin Meagher from Lowe’s, and Jy McLellan from Home Automation. Dixon explained that in ’06, the favorite location for a Internet connection was the [...]

 August 1, 2012, Newark, CA—We talked with John Scaramuzzo from Smart Storage Systems. This is a spin out from the Smart Modular company and is focused on the use of MLC NAND flash in enterprise-level SSDs. The change from Smart Modular, which is now focused on memory arrays based on DRAM and embedded memories, to [...]

 October 12, 2011, IPSO Alliance, Santa Clara, CA–The IPSO Alliance had Bo Begole from PARC talk about changing business models and technologies that will change the way people interact with their worlds. These new models will cause more independent R&D companies to form to address the many changing requirements. Once devices know your location, they [...]

 May 24, 2011, Connectivity Week, Santa Clara, CA—a panel of representatives from known brands looked at the issues facing Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS). What is the interest in energy management from both a monitoring and control viewpoint, and can the existing home network be leveraged? Glen Stone from CEA moderated the panel. Panel members [...]

 January 7, 2011, CES, Las Vegas– tablets, super smart phones, connected televisions, and smart appliances to fill the smart house were over the place at this year’s consumer electronics show. Although the show had thousands of exhibitors demonstrating many thousands of products, a lot of them seemed to be not quite ready for consumers to [...]