Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

June 2015 – Just before WWDC in San Francisco, Showstoppers held a press event to highlight some of the vendors and suppliers appearing at the conference. One of the announcements was from Parallels which was showing off their Desktop 10 product. The software is targeted at both developers and business professionals who have a requirement [...]

June 2, 2015, Society for Information Display Symposium, San Jose, CA—Engineers from Intel explained their work on RGB-D cameras that operate at over 30 fps. By synchronizing and combining registration of the visible and IR depth information, they enable new apps and user experiences. The underlying technology is similar to that in the Microsoft Kinect. [...]

May 21, 2015, Imagination Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Art Swift from the prpl foundation talked about a new frontier in information security and the need to move to hardware-based security for SoCs. The founding member of the foundation is Imagination. The security industry is facing many new challenges, many related to the users’ inertia in updating [...]

May 6, 2015, NeuroGaming Conference, San Francisco—A panel moderated by Jim Gatta from the legal firm Pillsbury considered the evolving interfaces and emergence of sensory gaming platforms. Panelists were Tan Le from Emotive, Richard Marks from Sony Playstation Magin Labs, David Holz from Leap Motion, and Nick Thomas from Immersion. The nature of changing interfaces [...]

April 20, 2015, Trusted Compute Group, San Francisco—A panel moderated by Rich Nass of Open Systems Media and comprised of panelists Stacey Cannady from Cisco, Chuck Benson from the University of Washington, and Darin Anderson from Cyber United looked at security in the Internet of things (IoT). The fundamental issue is that the billions of [...]

March 5, 2015, Game Developer Conference, San Francisco—We talked with Peter Busch from Faceware Technologies about their facial capture systems. They make hardware and software for facial recognition and recording, as well as providing various services in the face capture field. The face is the most portion of our beings for emotion and expression, and [...]

October 9, 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention, Los Angeles—Alan Parsons provided insights, from his experiences in producing and engineering records, on the current and future directions of the music and recording industries. The talk covered a wide range of topics. The sound engineers in AES can appreciate the increasing number of products that are available. [...]

September 10, 2014, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Graphics specialists from Intel presented some possible optimizations for HD and Iris graphics systems. The growing need for higher performance in graphics units requires better use of the available resources. The need for better performance spans the whole creation, consumption, and playing spectrum. Almost one in five Steam [...]

June 2014 – The 51st Design Automation Conference was held in San Francisco this year. While the exhibit floor was filled with light crowds and lots of open space that used to be filled with exhibitors, the sessions were full, lively and covering a large number of timely issues. The show, while moving to systems [...]

June 17, 2014, SMPTE Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age Conference, Stanford, CA—A panel addressed the issues and challenges in developing transmedia for stories. Roland Angst from Stanford opened the session with an overview of the various display modes and their impact on media. The goal of an immersive feel and interactivity on multiple platforms [...]