Saturday, March 25th, 2017

January 2016 – Rob Peglar of Micron spoke at the Storage Visions event in Las Vegas on directions in computer memory and how the future will address new approaches for both active memory and storage.  The shift is in part due to the ubiquity of mobile devices that have brought a realization to the thin [...]

January 2016 – At their new venue of the Luxor, Tom Coughlin opened the Annual StorageVisions Conference with an industry overview for the enterprise and professional content creation communities. This marketplace had a number of big changes in 2015 mostly due to M&A in the industry. Major deals that took place were the purchase of [...]

 January 2015 – At Storage Visions 2015, there was a panel discussion and presentations on the security of data in today’s devices and the methods of protecting this information in multi-tenant facilities such as cloud service providers and on mobile devices. The discussions focused on the use of self-encrypting drives, key management and data recovery. [...]

 January 2015 – At the 2015 Storage Visions Conference that preceded CES, we had a chance to review the new Memory Channel Storage (MCS) developed by Diablo Technologies. The product is a NAND Flash memory product that operates in a system through the standard DIMM connections and the memory channel interface. This provides a direct [...]

January 6, 2012 – The constantly evolving world of storage that is discussed at the annual Storage Visions event held adjacent to CES in Las Vegas, has completed its transition from being a hardware centric conference to focusing on applicability of the storage solutions. Historically, the challenges in storage have been capacity and reliability. It [...]

January 6, 2013, Storage Visions Conference, Las Vegas—A panel looked at the challenges of security and protection for stored content. Michael Willett from Samsung and the Trusted Computing Group moderated. Speakers were Chris Bross from DriveSavers, Robert Day from Linuxworks, Bob Thibadeau from Wave Systems, and Dave Anderson from Seagate. Allison Boerum from Kroll Ontrack [...]

January 6,2013, Storage Visions Conference, Las Vegas—Yoshiaki Shishikui, head of the advanced TV systems research division of NHK described the equipment, workflows, and other requirements to handle the live broadcast of the 2012 Summer Olympics in ultra high definition. The experience demonstrated the potential for UHD as well as the need for more development work [...]

January 6, 2013, Storage Visions Conference, Las Vegas—A panel looked at the requirements for digital production flows for media. Pallab Chatterjee from M & E Tech moderated the panel. Speakers included Don Molaro from DataDirect Networks, Jim Jonez from Dot Hill, Tracey Doyle from HDS, and Steven Cohen from Aberdeen LLC. In addition to the [...]

 January 8, 2012, Storage Visions, Las Vegas—A panel looked at the issues associated with managing and protecting stored content. Michael Willett from Samsung moderated the panel. Presenters included Ben Thiel from Micron, David Duncan from imation, Aidan Herbert from Wave Systems, and Jorge Campello from Hitachi. Additional panelists included Chris Bross from Drivesavers and Tom [...]