Friday, March 24th, 2017

Flash Memory Summit, August 2016 – The process of consumerization of flash memory started around 2004. This year NAND prices drop below DRAM prices for the first time at the same density. Panasonic and Sanyo launched the first flash-based camcorders. SanDisk inaugurated Flash Sansa MP3 players. In 2005 NAND revenue exceeded $10 billion when Apple [...]

Flash Memory Summit, August 2016 – Flash memory is the enabling technology for most of the mobile devices today. It allows for very high capacities of storage for things like music, voice, photos and videos to be stored for long periods of time, without needing power to store the information when it is not being [...]

July 2016 – Following the Creative Storage Conference, we had a chance to talk to Jeff Greenwald of HGST (now a part of Western Digital) about the shifting nature of content storage. The stage of data at rest is disappearing which is changing the design and use of tiering. The data that used to be [...]

August 16, 2016, San Francisco—Al Yanes from the PCI-SIG provided an update on the organization its core standards. Although no new capabilities are ready for release, the underlying technologies and standards are showing robust growth. The organization continues to grow with over 730 member companies now involved. The primary focus is on creating specifications and [...]

 OWC is the abbreviation for Other World Computing, one of the longest running 3rd party computer component and storage solutions providers in the personal computer industry. The company started with individual users and small companies and now supports enterprise customers and cloud providers with their products. In a casual and comfortable one on one discussion, [...]

February 2016 – In a casual lunch time briefing, we had a chance to get an update on the companies processor IP and their market application areas. As counter trend to the multi-core marketplace for processors, the company has instead chosen to follow the path of the many-core processor. The company is headquartered in France [...]

January 2016 – At their new venue of the Luxor, Tom Coughlin opened the Annual StorageVisions Conference with an industry overview for the enterprise and professional content creation communities. This marketplace had a number of big changes in 2015 mostly due to M&A in the industry. Major deals that took place were the purchase of [...]

January 2016 – Long time enterprise supplier Promise Technology has introduced a storage solution for the consumer marketplace.  Leveraging their experience in the video storage array marketplace, they worked to create an easy to use secure media storage solution that does not store the data in cloud, but is accessible from remote location.   As cell [...]

November 2015 – The latest generation of expanded storage from SanDisk is in a new fashionable format with embedded WiFi connection and a USB connector. The latest Connect Wireless Stick is currently available in capacities from 16GB to 128GB. The latest design is usable with computers (laptop & desktop) through a USB connection, and with [...]

September 22, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Andy Rudoff from Intel and the SNIA NVM programming TWG spoke about the coming changes in non-volatile memory programming models. The emergence of a new class of non-volatile memory will blur the definitions of memory and storage and bring about many changes in computer architectures. The [...]