Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

April 5, 2016, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Azzam Edwin from Stereolabs talked about the requirements for mixing large-scale real and VR imagery. The ever-increasing capabilities of GPUs enables many possible new visual functions.. The recent release of consumer-level VR viewers is fine for small scale, private viewing, but suffers from the need for external [...]

April 5, 2016, GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—Rora Van den Bulcke and Thomas Soetens from Immersive Design Studios talked about the use of GPUs and projection systems as media sources for very large are displays in public venues. The latest capabilities enable public VR. VR is interesting for artists, but should not require a [...]

September 22, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Jeff Chang from AgigA Tech and Arthur Sainio from Smart Modular presented a cookbook for NV DIMM use. The learning objectives are to understand what an NVDIMM is, how they can improve system performance, and how to integrate them into your system. The modifications to hardware, [...]

September 21, 2015, SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Christina Lara from IBM explained why system-level verification must include full scale testing. Many installations see peaks of activity that can overload systems and small user base equivalent testing will not stress the system enough to bring out these problems. Most systems are built from a [...]

August 20, 2015, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Nitin Saragdhar from the Intel security group talked about biometric authentication in a trusted execution environment. The growing number of damaging exploits and data breaches is raising concerns, but users don’t want to have more and higher complexity passwords. Users need to be authenticated t ensure that all [...]

June 3, 2015, Society for Information Display Symposium, San Jose, CA –Kathrin Berkner from Ricoh Innovations talked about the advances in light-filed imaging and the basic principles for designing a light-field system. The challenges for an end-to-end system are in managing the data volumes and computational tasks. Among the techniques for capture, plenoptic cameras are [...]

March 17, 2014, at GTC, San Jose, CA—Dan O’Farrell from Dell introduced the Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse virtual workstation. This end-end offering provides a virtual desktop that provides workstation users an alternative to dedicated workstations for graphics-heavy workloads. The virtual workstations use Dell workstation designs from the Precision product line with dedicated GPU pass-through [...]

February 9, 2015, Electronic Imaging Conference, San Francisco—Ian Bickerstaff from Sony Computer Entertainment highlighted their efforts to bring stereoscope to the Playstation generation and encourage the move 3-D. The company has been developing the underlying technologies in their Project Morpheus and has included many of the technologies into the latest console. A part of the [...]

June 2014 – The 51st Design Automation Conference was held in San Francisco this year. While the exhibit floor was filled with light crowds and lots of open space that used to be filled with exhibitors, the sessions were full, lively and covering a large number of timely issues. The show, while moving to systems [...]

April 29, 2014, Ethernet Technology Summit, Santa Clara, CA—Gilles Garcia from Xilinx presented a case for a highly flexible infrastructure to meet the requirements for 400G. Ethernet services in the future. The number of system-level unknowns is the biggest driver. IP traffic is expected to increase by an order of magnitude in the next four [...]