Sunday, March 26th, 2017

November 2015 – Moshi has been known for quality smart phone and mobile electronics for several years. This year they are leading off with new products for the iPhone6 and 6S. To address real world lifestyles, they have also created a shoulder bag that is designed to carry up to a 15” ultrabook/tablet, a DSLR [...]

September 2015 – At the IHS FDP conference the overview was on the global direction in Flat Panel Displays (FPD). In the CE space the drives have been TVs on the large screen side, and mobile devices on the smaller screen side. The net result of all of the details of various global drivers was [...]

 March 2015 – STM which has been making quality computer accessories and bags for many years, has introduced a new electronics backpack. The new backpack, called the Drifter, is designed for the new generation of thin light laptops that are in the 2-4lbs range. And the owner does not want a backpack that is heavier [...]

March 2015 – As mobile devices shift to becoming integral parts of the automotive experience, providing power to those devices is increasingly critical. This shift has even driven automotive designers to adjust the layout and features of the interior to accommodate these devices.  Typically there are two power levels that at needed – a 5v [...]

 January 2015 – The processing power of tablets is rivaling laptops of the recent past. As a result, music creation and has shifted to these lighter devices. To go along with that, Keith McMillen has brought out a new portable keyboard the K-board. The unit is a self-contained USB powered Midi controller for tablets and [...]

 January 2015 – Zagg had a number of new products on display at CES 2015. These included a foldable Bluetooth keyboard using the new Bluetooth low power interface and new cases for the iphone6. We had a chance to check one of their 2014 products that is finding a strong niche in the marketplace – [...]

July 22, 2014, Casual Connect Conference, San Francisco—Kelly Fennig from the National Film Board of Canada described his efforts to use gaming tools and conventions to make an art exhibition more interactive. The challenge is that the transformation of a photo exhibit into a “non-game” requires also making it accessible for non-gamers. The idea of [...]

April 2014 – The new series of laptops and ultrabooks have the driving characteristic that they are light and thin. The problem is they still have a lot of accessories, cables and are generally carried in a bag. In most cases, while the computers have evolved to being faster, lighter and more powerful, the bags [...]

January 2014, Taiwan International Press Conference which took place on Wednesday, January 8 announced new products launch at CES as well as Computex Taipei Expo, June 3-7. 2014. At the CES event they announced the COMPUTEX d&i awards, on exhibit in the South Hall of LVCC, which underscores Taiwan edge in quality innovative products. On [...]

January 2014, CES 2014 was a big show for accessories for all the new electronic appliances that were shown at the event. One of the traditional suppliers is STM, which is a maker of bags and cases. In past years they have added multiple options of tablet and phone case support. Just like their laptop [...]