Sunday, March 26th, 2017

April 7, 2015, Data Storage Innovation Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Gideon Senderov from NEC talked about data protection and restoration from the perspective of the recovery techniques. In general, restoration techniques are developed to provide data protection based on the ability to recover those data. The SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) has some papers and templates [...]

February 25, 2015, ISSCC, San Francisco—Ingrid Verbauwhede from Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium talked about the need for different design approaches and device libraries to address security challenges in the IoT. The growing numbers and types of attack vectors call for changes in design methodologies to take advantage of Moore’s law. The growth of the IoT [...]

February 23, 2015, ISSCC, San Francisco—Willy Sansen from Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium looked at the history of analog CMOS designs and applied some of the developments and solutions to analog designs going into the 5 nm generation. The challenges of analog design remain fairly constant independent of the underlying process technologies. In the early ’70′s, [...]

By Peter McGuinness, Imagination Technologies The concept of ray tracing has been bandied about for more than a generation – since 1968, it has been viewed as a promising technology, especially for visual arts disciplines, and in particular, the entertainment industry. Why? Because the ray tracing algorithm as developed into its recursive form can closely [...]

January 24, 2011, SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference, Burlingame, CA—Georges Grinstein from the University of Massachusetts Lowell talked about visualization techniques and their challenges. Some visualization techniques have built-in analysis and some are integrated with user interaction. When data is projected on a standard 2-D or 3-D display, the visualization techniques try to provide a sense [...]