Thursday, March 30th, 2017

May 24,2016, Society for Information Display, San Francisco—Hiroyuki Oshima from Japan Display presented a wide-ranging talk on displays, focusing on the next generation of mobile devices. This display category is primed with opportunities, yet faced with many technical challenges to achieve those opportunities. Displays have evolved from the early CRTs to flat panels, first as [...]

June 2015 – At the SID Display Week show, Tianma NLT was showing a number of their high resolution and specialty OEM displays. The group both designs, develops and manufactures their own displays, but they provide access to this capability to their customers for consumer, medical, industrial and for touch screen applications. Their touch screens [...]

June 2015 – This year the SID Display Week conference makes it way to the heart of Silicon Valley to the San Jose Convention Cetner. This conference which is one of the premier events of the display manufacturing and design industry. The conference has many aspects this year : A full day of a business [...]

August 5, 2014, Emerging Display Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—The last session at this conference considered interactivity. Calvin Hsieh from NPD Display Search opened the session, followed by Brian Daly from Synaptics, David Bordui from Cima NanoTech, and Russell Jordan from AMS. Hsieh noted that smart devices have different user interfaces that change with the [...]

August 6, 2013, Emerging Display Technologies Conference, San Jose, CA-A panel moderated by Paul Semenza from NPD DisplaySearch looked at the developing technologies for touch sensors. The panel included Ola Wassvik from FlatFrog, Kelly Ingham from Cima Nanotech, Jim Tassone from Unipixel Displays, and Bob Senior form Canatu. Wassvik started with large area touch using [...]

August 6, 2013, Emerging Display Technologies Conference, San Jose, CA-Paul Semenza from NPD DisplaySearch presented data about emerging touch and display technologies. The push and pull from mobile devices is changing the nature of user interfaces, allowing new technologies to enter the market. Mobile devices are driving portable computing and communicating, but need more spectrum [...]

December 6, 2012, Printed Electronics USA, Santa Clara, CA—Erkki Soininen Canatu from Canatu described the work in carbon nanotubes and fullerenes for flexible and formable touch screens. The materials are positioned as replacements for ITO-based touch sensors. Carbon nanotubes with a fullerene attached are conductive, transparent, non-reflective, and flexible as conductors. This work is addressing [...]

August 13, 2012, Display Search Emerging Display Technology Conference, Santa Clara, CA—Mark Hamblin from Touch Revolution compared and contrasted touch on lens and in-cell technologies. The need for higher performance and lower costs are competing with increased manufacturing complexity in the target technologies. Capacitive touch interfaces need two layers of ITO to form the sensor [...]

 We talked with Renesas about their latest products at Design West, formerly the Embedded Systems Conference. Among the new releases were a low power microcontroller, a motor control kit, a capacitive touch evaluation kit, and new software support for the various products. The 32-bit RX62G group are optimized for digital power control applications, including motor [...]

 January, 2012 We talked with Sherif Hanna about the release of extensions and upgrades to their touch controller product line. The changes address the areas of noise, resolution, for the larger screen product and a reduced parts count. The division grew from $140M in ’10 to over $300M last year. Now, they are working to [...]