Sunday, March 26th, 2017

 July 2016 - This year’s JPR luncheon panel discussion took a look at the growing use of game engines in moviemaking but first, Jon took time out to give the Jon Peddie Technology Advancement Award to surprise guest Tim Sweeney. According to Peddie, all of the currently-available game engines were initially custom developed for specific games [...]

January 2016 – At their new venue of the Luxor, Tom Coughlin opened the Annual StorageVisions Conference with an industry overview for the enterprise and professional content creation communities. This marketplace had a number of big changes in 2015 mostly due to M&A in the industry. Major deals that took place were the purchase of [...]

August 2015 – At SpeechTEK ( in New York City, evidence abounded of an industry on the cusp of significant disruption. The conference, co-sited with other customer service oriented events (CRM Evolution and Customer Service Experience), was oriented towards the kind of traditional speech solutions that have been making money for decades, namely customer service [...]

September 2012, In a briefing for VMWorld, Samsung’s Enterprise SSD group gave us an update and overview on their virtualization solution using their SSD products. As the number of users and processes increases due to the number of VMs per CPU, the queue depth for concurrent I/O requests per storage volume increases rapidly. The standard [...]

 October 4-5, 2011 – San Jose, CA – The TV Next conference is a new event that superceeds the Set Top Box (STB) conference that was held for several years. The shift in the name, is also reflective of the shifts in the industry. The next generation TV experience is a combinations of fixed time [...]

Long time IP supplier Imagination Technologies (UK) had several announcements at ESC this year.  Extending their fab agnostic business model of RTL level IP with SDKs and HDKs rather than fab specific hard IP, they announced their new processor integration agreement with MIPS.  In addition to being fab agnostic, they are now very processor agnostic [...]

Netronome displayed their NFP3240P multi-core network flow processor at ESC along with a development board and SDK.  The part is a new 40nm implementation of a 40 network core design, with 8 threads per core (total of 320 threads), that is backward compatible to the Intel IXP family of processors.  The new implementation has been [...]

By Tets Maniwa April 28, 2010—Multi-core Expo, San Jose, CA—A view from the upper reaches by Preet Virk, director of strategic marketing at Freescale Semiconductor indicates that multi-core works. In his talk “From users to service providers: multi-core is making a difference with each connection”, Virk developed the thesis that users and their expectations are [...]

By Tets Maniwa April 27, 2010—Multi-core Expo San Jose, CA—Alan Gatherer, CTO of Huawei Baseband SoC looked at the drivers in wireless and evaluated the fit for multi-core processors in a keynote talk. The two technologies seem to be a good fit, as the wireless base stations are the core of the system and need [...]

This week the Multicore Expo and conference holds forth as a subset of the Embedded Systems Conference in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Some of the topics include: multiprocessor tactics and strategies, multimedia and embedded graphics, programming and debug, software tools and libraries, EDA and ESL technologies, APIs for multicore communications and resource management, [...]