Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

November 2015 – Moshi has been known for quality smart phone and mobile electronics for several years. This year they are leading off with new products for the iPhone6 and 6S. To address real world lifestyles, they have also created a shoulder bag that is designed to carry up to a 15” ultrabook/tablet, a DSLR [...]

May 2015 – Lenovo is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the acquisition of the IBM PC Business in 2005. During this time the company has changed from being a $3B China centric PC supplier ranked 9th in the world to become the world’s #1 PC maker, and #3 in smartphones, #3 in tablets, and #3 [...]

 January 2015 – Kensington is a developer of the current industry standard in laptop protection which is an integrated loop connector in the edge of the chassis of most laptops. The current connector was designed for prior generation devices that incorporated optical drives and rotating storage as the driving industrial design on device thickness. The [...]

April 2014 – The new series of laptops and ultrabooks have the driving characteristic that they are light and thin. The problem is they still have a lot of accessories, cables and are generally carried in a bag. In most cases, while the computers have evolved to being faster, lighter and more powerful, the bags [...]

 Sept 13, 2011 – San Francisco, CA – The Intel Developer Forum, as usual, brought a number of new technologies to the forefront. This year, more than usual, the technology had a major underlayer of challenges and goals for both the hardware and software community to realize the visions presented. The major announcements included the [...]