Friday, March 24th, 2017

August 2016 – At this year’s IDF, Pericom was showing their long time series of re-timers, re-drivers, and packet switch products under their new parent company name of Diodes Inc. Pericom, which was established in 1990, was acquired by Diodes Inc in November 2015. A major announcement was the launch of the PCIe Gen 2 [...]

August 16, 2016, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Displaylink showed a single USB 3.0 port driving four 4k p60 monitors. This setup greatly expands the possible screen real estate from a single computer and allows lower-end computers to perform tasks formerly restricted to workstations. The company produces ships and software for display expansion. Their chipsets for [...]

February 2016 – Innergie has created the LifeHub to address the shift in mobile devices, no longer does every device have it own power/charging cord and transformer, but most have been standardized to the microUSB connector or the Lightning connector on a cable that goes to a standard USB-typeA plug. The original thought was that [...]

November 2015 – The latest generation of expanded storage from SanDisk is in a new fashionable format with embedded WiFi connection and a USB connector. The latest Connect Wireless Stick is currently available in capacities from 16GB to 128GB. The latest design is usable with computers (laptop & desktop) through a USB connection, and with [...]

August 19, 2015, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Brad Saunders, architect/strategist, Bob Dunstan, principal engineer, and Rahman Issmail, USB senior architect at Intel presented design considerations and implementation details for the new Type C connector for the USB. The latest releases for USB enable greater connectivity to other protocols and provide power delivery. Currently, USB is [...]

August 18, 2015 at the Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—The Pericom Semiconductor Corporation announced new families of high-speed support products for use in diverse applications including notebook, smart phone, tablet and servers. The new products address the needs for switching, connectivity, signal-integrity and timing functions for the highly complex multi-protocol interfaces. The signal integrity solutions [...]

November 2014 – The latest version of the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 desktop scanner provides a multipaper autofeeder that scans at rates up to 25 pages per minutes in duplex mode to desktop, laptop and mobile devices. The unit is intuitive and easily connected with both wired (USB3) and wireless (WiFI) connectivity. The integrated WiFi allows [...]

November 2014 – The latest version of the Fujitsu Scansnap iX100 is incredibly fast, intuitive and easily connected to both laptops and mobile devices. The integrated WiFi allows the device to quickly connect to local networks and also directly with an integrated WiFi host adapter in the device. The portable scanner has an internal USB [...]

November 2014 – At the Open Server Summit in Santa Clara Pericom was showing major portions of their full server design solution. As the number of cores, high speed interfaces, memory sockets, and board sizes get larger it is becoming more difficult to get the signals across to where they are needed. While semiconductor technology [...]

September 9, 2014, Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco—Pericom announced a broad range of new products at the show. Following the lead of the standards organizations and OEM roadmaps, they are making products that will enhance mobility and interoperability. The emphasis is on low power operation and small packaging for all of the parts. The new [...]