Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

May 24, 2016, Society for Information Display symposium, San Francisco—Steven Bathiche from Microsoft talked about the ongoing changes in all facets of computing. The changes over time include processing power, form factors, and interactivity. The next generations of computing will continue the levels of changes. Computers have evolved from room-sized behemoths requiring many kilowatts of [...]

November 11, 2015, ARM Techcon, Santa Clara, CA—Simon Segars from ARM described the changes in mindset and products that will be necessary for trust and security in a connected world. The advances in technology enable more devices to share data magnifying the conflict between privacy and the use of shared data. The new world needs [...]

June 2, 2015, Society for Information Display Symposium, San Jose, CA—Brian Krzanrich from Intel talked about the coming revolution in man-machine interfaces in the SID’s first keynote address. The era of immersive interactions will be as significant as any previous changes in electronic systems. The industry and society are on the cusp of a major [...]

August 5, 2014, Emerging Display Technology Conference, San Jose, CA—The last session at this conference considered interactivity. Calvin Hsieh from NPD Display Search opened the session, followed by Brian Daly from Synaptics, David Bordui from Cima NanoTech, and Russell Jordan from AMS. Hsieh noted that smart devices have different user interfaces that change with the [...]

June 18, 2014, SMPTE Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age Conference, Stanford, CA—The ability to deliver full 3-D audio greatly enhances the AV experience. Sunil Bharitkar from Dolby moderated this panel. Panelists were Sripal Mehta from Dolby, Roger Charlesworth from Charlesworth Media, and Philip Hilmes from Lab 126 and Amazon. Mehta opened with a short [...]

April 16, 2014, Churchill club, Santa Clara, CA—Jim Walsh from Global Logic moderated a panel that addressed the need for “greatness” in engineering and design. Panelists included Catherine Courage from Citrix, Steve Johnson from Linked-In, Frederick Pferdt from Google, Larry Tesler from MINE, and Charles Warren from SalesForce. The term “great” has to be added [...]

March 2014, Game Developers’ Conference, San Francisco—The gaming industry is going through changes and is seeing more pressure to measure and show results. Some of the issues are cost of loyal users, competition and limited markets, too many games being the same, and targeting isn’t accurate enough. As a result, it is important to optimize [...]

February 3, 2014, Electronic Imaging Conference, San Francisco—Pak Chung Wong from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory talked about the need for new visualization tools for cyber security work. These tools differ from other visualization tools due to the requirements for rapid response and minimization of false positives and negatives. To identify a requirements for cyber [...]

October 29. 2013, GamesBeat Conference, Redwood City, CA—Michael Metzger from Covert and Company had a chat with Steve Wadsworth from Tapjoy. They discussed the need to build a mobile business for revenue and effective user acquisition. How are mobile ads driving the mobile space? First, advertising wants to be where the people are. They want [...]

June 4, 2013, Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA—Tish Shute from Syntertainment and elucidated the nature of the AR industry. The ability to change thoughts into some form of reality is likely to change the nature of human interactions. The technology cycles continue to accelerate to the point where a nominal 10-year cycle for [...]