Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

 July 2012 – As the graphics world has shifted to computers for the basis of their art, a large variety from low cost entry level tools, to high priced commercial enterprise class tools for the cinema and TV industry have entered the market. Smith Micro has been a long time player in this market, and [...]

 June 14, 2012, Infocomm, Las Vegas—We talked with Michael Marcum from Wacom about their graphical input tablets. Wacom is one of the pioneers in graphical input devices, and graphical input tablets are a necessary part of the content creation supply-chain. The company focus is on adapting natural pen technologies into graphical input devices for use [...]

 Wacom is best known for their interactive pen displays, pen tablets and digital interactive products. Photographers and graphics artists have used Wacom tables for years in conjunction with illustration, web design and photoediting software from Corel and Adobe. The latest product from Wacom is the Intuous5 pen tablet with multitouch functionality. Wacom Intuos Tablets   [...]