Saturday, March 25th, 2017

July 2015 – At the IMEC Technology Forum prior to the start of Semicon West 2015, President Luc Van Den Hove started his presentation with bringing the times when the servants were on service for rich people. They were “invisible” eyes and hands that were ready for any request. Today, the role of technology is [...]

May 2015 – One of the major sessions at the Connections conference this year was on the topic of wearables and focused on smart watches. The panel for the discussion consisted of speakers from Misfit, Mediatek, Peq, Reemo and Plantronics. In the wearables segment, the highest growth is in health and fitness. Smart watches have [...]

June 2015 – This year the SID Display Week conference makes it way to the heart of Silicon Valley to the San Jose Convention Cetner. This conference which is one of the premier events of the display manufacturing and design industry. The conference has many aspects this year : A full day of a business [...]

January 2014, Epson was showing their integrated system products at CES 2014. One of the areas was focusing on wearables and fitness sensors for pulse, other body measurements. The sensors inside were developed by Epson and incorporate their core technologies in Bio, Swing and Location sensing. Initial Bio sensing products for North America are in [...]

January 2014 – At CES Unveiled 2014, the diversity in CE was apparent with the rush to new product announcements on the eve of CES. A typically crowed event, that requires a lot of moving around to avoid the plethora of video cameras and tripods for the chance to be the first view of tech [...]